By: Dylan Hobbs

Info About Me.!

Hi, My name is Dylan and I am a freshman in Belton. I am a football/baseball player and I started running Track last spring. Some of my hobbies are Football and Baseball. These are my hobbies because they are the ionly sports I really play. I have two Sisters, one is 9 years old and the other is 20, and currently pregnant. My mom is like 34 or 35 i think, and she is pretty cool. When I grow up I wanna play in the NFL, I am confident because I think im good enough. This summer I did so many things I cant even remember one of them, This summer was amazing and I didnt want to start school yet. Clubs/Activities/Athletics I do are football and baseball.. Again. Fun Facts about me, Im pretty cool and well liked I guess. Im just a funny guy.