Fashion Journalism

Career Research

Job Title

Fashion journalists are responsible for preparing articles, commentaries or critiques relating to developments in the fashion industry.

In order to prepare an effective piece, they must first gather information about the topic they wish to cover. This involves performing independent research, attending fashion shows, and arranging and conducting interviews with professionals in the fashion industry, such as designers, photographers, models and public relations representatives.

Nature of the Work

The term “fashion journalist” is a blanket term that generally refers to those who work in published fashion media; fashion writers, fashion critics, and fashion reporters. The work fashion journalists produce may be published in various forms; as fashion features in magazines and newspapers, books about fashion, fashion related reports on television and online fashion magazines, websites, and blogs.

Training and Qualifications

The educational requirements for becoming a fashion journalist may vary, typically depending on the requirements of the employer. Many employers however, will expect you to have a degree in Fashion Journalism or Journalism. If you don’t have such a degree, employers may still give you a shot if you have an impressive portfolio of work.

Although having a degree may not be a requirement for employment (such as if you own your own fashion blog), it will put you on course to learn the basic skills and competencies required of fashion journalists, and help you progress to the point where you are an independent creative thinker who is capable of making an effective contribution to the relevant sector of the fashion industry.

Job Outlook

Successful journalists may find steady employment as writers or columnists with major fashion magazines, or they may cover the fashion beat for their local newspaper. Most maintain a fashion blog as part of their portfolio. As more online fashion publications and blogs emerge, the demand for fashion journalists is expected to increase as well.

Earning Potential

The average earning potential is between $47,000 and $63,000.


FIT, FIDM, Parsons, NYU, Penn State, and Syracuse are all great schools for fashion journalism.