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Permanently or temporarily inhibit knowledge

In other words, what can we do if action to purchase a Siamese cat with blue eyes should be conditional them in my house. Must my database as not to explicitly mention in my possession, as happens with all rules discussed so far bank queue management that light up only if an object that fits over the specified condition is usually found in basic. If I had prepared for this question, I would predict a fact that deny the existence cat explicitly mentioned in my house, but by adopting this policy, many questions must be anticipated before they heard.

It seems therefore that we can agree on bank queue management two options to meet a template denied the body of a rule: to order that he be satisfied only if a fact stating an object with certain traits or certain features of an object is included based, or, conversely, have denied that a template be satisfied only if the properties required a fact pattern is not found in the base. In the first case we say that the presumption of open world we work in the second- that work in the bank queue management closed world assumption.

Presumption of open world is equivalent to the assumption of an infinite universe, a universe so that both existence and properties of an object or an object should be made explicit to be sure that he exists or not there. On the contrary, the presumption of closed world assumption is equivalent to a finite universe, which can be described exhaustively, so that if an object is declared mean he is not part of the universe. Definition: We say that an engine inference works presumption bank queue management of open world if a template denied not (P) is evaluated to true only when the basis of facts there stated a fact not (P) over the P to match.

Definition: We say that an engine inference working assumption of closed world where any template found in the conditions of a rule of form not (P), is rated as true when based on the facts there is no fact P' over P match. It is said that an expert system works monotonous or dull it if- any knowledge (or rule established fact) can not be withdrawn from the base and- added any knowledge based not introduce contradictions.

Instead, a system mutliple queue arrangement can operate and can suppress non monotonically whether. Monotony is a characteristic of the knowledge base, namely how the rules are designed. Suppose if a forward chaining engine and working in the open world assumption on a monotonic. How, from one cycle to the next, the number of proven facts (positive or negative) increases the number of rules that can be applied bank queue management from one cycle to the next phase after filtration, increase or, at least, remains constant. Then if a course I have the set MIRFn the courts rule filtered in cycle n+ we have the set so the same possibilities of applying the mutliple queue arrangement rules that have functioned to step n are found in step possibly more.

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