Week 2 Term 3 SFDS Newsletter

St Francis de Sales - Wednesday 03 August 2022


Tēnā koutou katoa - warm greetings to everyone on this cool winter’s day!

Everyone is now well settled into our winter term. As always, it is lovely to see the children’s smiling faces as they enter the gate each morning. Thank you for your support in re-implementing our procedures around mask-wearing when inside at school. All the staff and students have demonstrated their commitment to keeping everyone safe through this measure.

Thank you also to those of you who have accepted nominations to stand for our Board of Trustees - it is wonderful to have a number of candidates.


A reminder that our school-wide annual targets for 2022 are:

  1. Literacy progress of all target learners will be accelerated through creating texts to communicate knowledge and understanding.
  2. Maths progress of all target learners will be accelerated in the Additive Thinking Aspect.

Accelerated progress means that the child (who may have been making slower than typical progress in the past) is now progressing faster than the typical pace - which means that they are well-placed to ‘catch up’ with their peers.


LITERACY TARGET: From the 37 children we identified at the beginning of the year whose progress we wanted to accelerate through targeted interventions, 11 have already made accelerated progress through the first half of the year.

MATHS TARGET: From the 33 children we identified at the beginning of the year whose progress we wanted to accelerate through targeted interventions, 13 have already made accelerated progress through the first half of the year.


Across our three teaching teams we have several interventions in place (in the table below) to support accelerated progress for these learners. These interventions below are in addition to a balanced learning programme which includes responsive activities to encourage a love of learning, such as learning through play, agentic/empowering learning approaches, integrations across learning areas, structured literacy approach (students need to master three key areas of reading and writing: learning the code, making meaning, and thinking critically), developing number sense, approaches to problem-solving in authentic contexts, collaborative approaches, etc.

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Our teachers and leaders will continue to review the incremental progress of these learners, along with the broader progress of all of our learners. If evidence shows that interventions are working, they will continue. Those we have found less effective will be reviewed or discontinued. This process is also valuable for us to evaluate the quality of our learning programmes - and to strengthen teacher practice as part of the professional growth of our staff.


We have only had a small response to our call out for feedback on our term 2 reporting. There is still time for you to respond, so that our next steps represent the viewpoints of our whole community.

Below is a snapshot of some responses so far:

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Finally, I’d like to ask for your prayers for my family. Over the past two weeks we have suffered the loss of two close family members through various cancers. This is a difficult time for us - and I know many of you have also suffered the loss of loved ones.

Take care and God bless

Mary-Angela Tombs

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Last week the Catholic church celebrated St Anne & Joachim - the grandparents of Jesus. This is a special time to reflect on the grandparents in our life. We give thanks to our grandparents for offering us so much strength, information and guidance. If you’re blessed with grandparents who are still living, this celebration is a good opportunity to call or visit them.

Madeline Smith




The latest Scholastic Book club brochures were sent home this week. Please follow the payment instructions on the back of the brochure. Orders must be submitted online before Friday 12 August.

We are unable to accept CASH or CHEQUE payments as these cannot be sent through the mail. You can order online by visiting https://scholastic.co.nz/parents/lucky-book-club/ , when ordering online. Please DO NOT return any forms or payment to the school. If you have any questions please see Chris in room 7.


Inspire Photography will be coming to photograph the children at St Francis de Sale School from 9am on:

Monday 22 August 2022

Wednesday 24 August 2022

As part of St Francis de Sale School’s fundraising for the year Inspire Photography will donate

10% of all sales directly to St Francis de Sale School.

Inspire Photography is an award-winning, Wellington-based professional photography studio who specialise in School and ECE photography. We are popular throughout a number of Wellington Schools for the photographs we take, the manner in which we take them and our generous fundraising offers. We are unique in our style and approach.

What we offer on the day

• A totally relaxed and unique style of photography

• A friendly and easy-going photographer

• Fun, games and general silliness to get even the shyest children smiling

• Group photos of each class

• Individual portraits, friend portraits and siblings photos.

To view the pictures, we offer an online ordering system. The School Office will be advised of the password for the online gallery when the proofs are ready. Proofs are available to view online approximately two weeks after the date of the photo shoot, you will then have two weeks to place an order and two weeks after orders will be delivered back to the School. If you would prefer not to order online, please contact us in the studio for assistance.

Thank you to Paddy and BCITO Building people for the extreamly kind donation of a bag of Basketballs, Volley Balls and Rugby balls! They will be put to good use!

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At Gardent to Table on Monday, Amber told Room 9 children all about Whakaoterangi who brought kumara to Aotearoa in the Tainui waka. We are sprouting one so we can plant it in a few months!

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The following products are available though your school KINDO account

For information on how to get to KINDO Click here to view. From there you are able to pay your school donations, (there is an option to make part payments) uniform and any other school charges or sign ups for sports and extra actvities.

Supporting other children through Kindo
Kindo is adding a new feature to your myKindo portal enabling you to gift to others... starting with KidsCan. You will be able to buy lunch, shop and pay for our school items as normal, and you will now see some KidsCan donation offers on the checkout page.
Kindo will provide the donation receipts so you can claim back the 33% tax rebate – or sign up to TaxGift or Supergenerous to gift the rebate too.
If you have any questions or feedback, please email hello@mykindo.co.nz

Term 2 Policies and Procedures due for review

In term two, the focus is on the Healthcare and Behaviour Management sections.


Behaviour Management Board review

Please feel free to have a look at this on the Schooldocs site and give us your feedback.

Click below to download our school app or please use the following QR code which will take you to the right place


The Island Bay Residents Association is undertaking a survey open to everyone who lives in or has a business in Island Bay or Southgate. They want to hear about your local issues and priorities to better support and represent you. The survey will be open until the end of August.

Complete the Survey on the IBRA website

Every who completes the survey will be eligible for a draw where two winners will receive a double movie pass for the Empire Cinema as well as a $10 voucher for the White Room Gallery.


After school drama class in Newtown

Do you have a child who would love to perform in a theatre? Or one that is just needing a bit more confidence speaking in front of a group? Come join our wonderful kids Newtown drama class that is held on Wednesdays! We are about to start working on a scripted show to perform at Gryphon theatre so it is a great time to join up. Contact: kids4dramawellington@gmail.com

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