Well-Oiled News for May

Happy May!

Largest Enrollment Growth to date with Well-Oiled!

A warm welcome to all the new enrollees to doTERRA! Receiving your oils for the first time is exciting! I enjoyed sitting down the other day with new enrollees, Marc and Janine, opening their oils with them and making roller-ball recipes with the oils and fractionated coconut oil. Allergy Blend, Focus Blend, etc. You may want to half the suggested amounts of essential oils listed because doterra essential oils are so pure and potent.

Welcome to the Brodines, Kreklings, Dani Barnes, Cheyanna Daviston, Amanda Rabern, Harlie Rankin, Nikki Kleman, Robyn Ambrose, Alita Campbell, Jenny Schwartz, Carol Lavelle and Janice Syverson!

Congratulations to Stephanie Baily for making 'Manager' rank in April!

New Enrollees for the Month of May Receive 50 free product points!

Team Potluck : Sat. May 30th at the Grantier's home in Roslyn. 505 N Third St Roslyn, WA 98941. I'm looking forward to visiting with old and new friends! Families welcomed and encouraged! Main dish provided. Non-alcohol beverages please. 6-10pm

Thanks to : Leah and Jayme for hosting a roller-ball workshop for their co-workers Cederview Elementary in Lynnwood. It was tons of fun!

Facebook Groups : For those of you wanting to share oil questions and comments with our team, friend me on FB and I'll include you in the group.

Oil Tip : Drink a few drops of Wild Orange in your water glass throughout the day to decrease reflux and heartburn.

Our World

Our thoughts and prayers are with those that are suffering in Nepal and Baltimore. May peace prevail in our world.