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Principal Letter

Good afternoon families!

We had a great "official" first week of school! It has been great seeing our students in person each day! We finished our Culture Camp this week and our students are working super hard on meeting our high expectations that we have in our building. Teachers created robust and engaging activities for students and they had a blast! Culture drives everything that we do so it is critical that culture is strong in each classroom. Please make sure to ask your child what the expectations are in his/her classroom and what they are doing to get their Dojo Points/Dollars each day. We use Class Dojo to reward our students each day. Students get a minimum of 5 points each day and are able to earn additional points/dollars for going above and beyond. We connect these ideal behaviors with our key pillars. (Ignite, Inspire, Empower, Lead).

On Thursday, we started instruction in all of our classrooms. It was great seeing students push themselves to master key foundational concepts. You will see that a tracker (located in take home folder) went home on Friday and it will include important academic information for the week as well as behavior updates each week. Please read the student handbook to see what our Positive Behavior Management System looks like in our building. Culture is everything and we focus on recognizing the positive behaviors that we see each day. We do hold super high expectations for our students and practice these skills each day. :)

We have a lot coming up over the next couple of weeks so please mark your calendars!

Please read over carefully. :)

Reach out if you need anything at all!

Phone: 614-669-6301


Mr. Hawk

Calendar at a Glance: August and September


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School Calendar: 21-22 School Year

August/ September: Updates/Events:

Arrival Time/Dismissal Time Reminder:

Breakfast: 7:30-7:45 am

Instruction Begins: 7:45 am

Tardy after: 7:50 am

Dismissal Begins: 3:15 pm

**Please make sure you drop your child off and pick them up on time each day. Attendance is critical each day. :)

Dismissal Expectations: Thank you for being patient as we iron out our Dismissal Procedures. We now have a strong system in place and our new cone system has allowed us to move all of our students out to vehicles in a safe and quick manner. Please support this system by making sure to follow all traffic flow signage. We noticed some families have parked on the side of the road and have tried to pick up their kiddos in the back. We only allow families who walk to the building (live in the neighborhood) from their homes. This is due to safety and the Dismissal System that we have in place. We had to pause our Dismissal System on Friday due to families waiting at the Dismissal Entrance. Please follow our Dismissal System and reach out if you have any questions. It now takes us 26-30 minutes to move almost 300 students out of the building (busers and car riders). This is pretty incredible and we will continue to fine tune our systems to make sure we are efficient.

Transportation: Thank you for the grace you have given us and Columbus City Schools as

Testing: We will be diving into our Beginning of Year Testing to see where all of our kiddos currently are. Please scroll down to the Testing Heading to read more about the assessments we are giving.

Meal Applications & Student Handbook Signatures: These are due by Friday this week. (August 27th) Please send these with your child and let us know if you need a copy of either one of these. These were mailed out as well as shared at the Back to School Bash. :) Read below for more information.

Labor Day: There will be no school on September 6th. :)

Student Dress Up Day: On September 7th, students can dress up as their favorite Super Hero!! Please make sure that outfits are appropriate for school. :)

Interim Reports (September 10th): We will be sending out our Interim Report Cards on September 10th. :)

Academic Success Student Pep Rally (September 17th): We will be celebrating our students and their academic success! Families will be able to join via Zoom. Teachers will share out more information!

Backyard BBQ Meet and Greet (September 18th): Come join us for a Backyard BBQ hosted by the school! This is a great opportunity for you to come meet other families and hang out with the staff! We will have yummy food and games for kiddos! We can't wait to see you all!

No School: Staff PD Day (September 24th)

Picture Day (Tentative September 28th): We are waiting to hear back from Lifetouch to see if this will be the official date for Fall Pictures. We will let everybody know once they have confirmed. :)

Parent Advisory Meeting (September 29th): 4:30-5:30 Come join us for our first Parent Advisory Meeting for the year!! I will lead families through a few updates and will be able to answer questions as well! I am so excited! This will be held via Zoom.

Jarod Hawk is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Jarod Hawk's Zoom Meeting

Time: Sep 29, 2021 04:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 845 6420 1206

Passcode: jWz2E8

Student Handbook: Signatures are due by Friday (8/27)

Meal Application: Forms due by Friday (8/27)


In order to ensure that 100 % of our students meet their goals and are ready to be strong leaders, academic knowledge and skills must be at the forefront. We use the following assessments to ensure that our students are on track to meet their goals.

KRA: The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) replaces the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment – Literacy (KRAL). The KRA was developed through a partnership between Ohio and Maryland, and is more comprehensive than the KRA-L, which just assessed literacy. The goal of the KRA is to provide a comprehensive view of a student’s readiness for kindergarten, and provide informative, actionable data for teachers which they can use to provide intervention and enrichment.

Kindergarten students will assess kindergarten scholars using the KRA within the first month of the school year.

DRA: The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) will be used to determine the reading level of students. This test will be administered three times during the course of an academic year: August, January, and May. For students to be promoted to the next grade their reading performance, both in comprehension and fluency, must be at the appropriate reading level.

iReady: i-Ready is an online program for reading and/or mathematics that will help your student’s teacher(s) determine your student’s needs, personalize their learning, and monitor progress throughout the school year. i-Ready allows your teacher(s) to meet your student exactly where they are and provides data to increase your student’s learning gains. i-Ready consists of two parts: Diagnostic and Personalized Instruction.

Daily Exit Tickets: After each daily lesson, teachers administer a short exit ticket to assess student mastery. At SCPA at German Village, we rely on this data to help make instructional decisions. Students and teachers are able to receive immediate feedback on where they are at and what to do to master the concept the next day.

Ohio State Testing: To measure student progress, students (3rd-8th grade) will be tested in accordance with State standards and School policy.

Ohio Achievement tests and AIR assessments are administered once or twice per academic year. Dates are subject to change by the Ohio Department of Education. Parents will be informed at least two weeks prior to the State established testing dates.

Scrimmages/Eagle Flights: At SCPA At German Village, we administer a bi-weekly assessment to all of our students to measure proficiency. These assessments focus on isolated skills and give our students an opportunity to show what they have learned. Teachers also use these flights to create robust re-teach lessons and interventions as needed.

Mock Assessments: Mock assessments are given twice a year to our 3rd-8th graders. These students allow teachers to ensure that their daily instruction is preparing students for success on the Ohio State Test.

Testing Tips:

1) Eat a healthy breakfast before testing

2) Get enough rest/sleep the night before testing (We recommend 8 hours)

3) Go over the importance of being super quiet during testing (to make sure we do not distract others)

Attendance Policy

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SCPA at German Village's average daily attendance (ADA) goal is 93 %. Attendance will be taken daily at 8:00 am. It is imperative that our students are on time and ready to learn each day. Every instructional minute counts. :) Thank you for supporting this priority.

Our attendance is submitted to the state on a regular basis. If your child is unable to attend or is sick, please reach out to the school immediately so that we can document this absence. Remember, your child is considered tardy after 7:50 am.

Communication **Important**

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Communication is huge at SCPA at German Village. We rely on strong family partnerships and consistent communication is key. Class Dojo is our main mode of communication. All families must have Class Dojo (will receive invite when onboarding) and should be checking class stories each day. Our teachers post stories each day to support families. Please make sure that your notifications are on and that you are receiving all communication.


Class Dojo is our main mode of communication at SCPA at German Village. This allows for our classroom teachers to reach out to families and for our families to contact our teachers. We utilize this app between the hours of 7:30 a.m. – 6:00p.m. We are committed to a 24 hour response rate. Please use this app to message teachers directly for specific questions regarding your child. Our teachers will have their notifications turned on from 7:30 am-6:00 pm. Please make sure to reach out to teachers during this window of time. This will also go for our communication from the school. :)

School Messenger:

At SCPA GV, we also utilize a messenger system that allows us to reach all families. We use this service when we need to send general information or information for a specific grade level. This system ensure that we reach all families and that communication is strong. This could be an automated phone call, text message, and or/email. Please make sure to have Ms Jasmine update your contact information so that you receive all school updates throughout the year.


SCPA at German Village is committed to keeping our parents up to date regarding important announcements, activities, and events on our campus. The Parent Monthly is one of the key communications vehicles we use to accomplish this goal. Please be sure to read it and its entirety and contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you have on the newsletter content.

SOCIAL MEDIA Follow us on social media! To remain up-to-date on SCPA GV's latest and greatest news, we encourage you to follow us on our Facebook page. This link is at the bottom of the newsletter! :)

SCHOOL WEBSITE Please bookmark our school website. We post important information weekly and keep the website updated with pertinent information.

Who do I contact for what?

If you have general questions about the school or updates/events/attendance, please contact the general school number/email Mrs Wilson. Mrs. Wilson will answer your questions or point you in the right direction! Please also call Mrs Wilson if you are wanting to set up a meeting/call with Mr Hawk or Ms Dunagan. :)

Phone Number: 1-614-669-6301


If you have specific questions about your child's academic/behavior progress, assignment questions, and curriculum questions, please reach out to your child's teacher. Please send a direct message through Dojo and not a comment. We want to make sure we are getting to every message and noticed a few have been lost in the comment threads. :) Thank you so much for helping us streamline communication!

What do I need each day at SCPA at German Village?

Breakfast Time (Drop off Begins): 7:30-7:45 am **This is a change from this past year.

Instruction Begins: 7:45 am **This is a change from this past year.

Tardy: After 7:50 am **This is a change from this past year.

**If you are tardy, you must park in the visitors parking lot and walk to our main entrance. You will buzz in and Ms Jasmine will have your sign your child in. It is very important to be at school on time each day.


1) Bring supplies each day (refer to Supply lists)

2) Be in full uniform (refer to information below) **No exceptions

3) Water Bottle (spill proof for younger grades- K-2)

4) Homework and Folder/Tracker (depending on grade level) These were sent out on Friday and every child should have this. Please bring this back signed each time so that your child gets his/her point each day.


Additional Uniform Information:

**Feel free to use our online apparel store to purchase additional shirts for your child. The link is below. All new families will receive a uniform shirt at Back to School Bash. :) **

**We do not allow Hoodies at our school so please make sure your child leaves his/her hoodie at home. If they are cold, they can wear a zip up/cardigan in the building(Needs to match school colors and one solid color)

If your child is out of uniform, our teachers will send a Dojo message home. We will then have the student change into a "loaner" uniform for the day. We may have you come in if we are unable to find a specific size for the student. Thank you for supporting our uniform policy.

Please make sure to send your child in full uniform each day. This includes shirt, bottoms, and shoes. Our students receive 5 points each morning for Class Dojo and one point is given for being in full uniform. If you need support with getting uniform pieces, please reach out to us immediately so we can offer support and resources. On Fridays during the school year, our students are allowed to wear a school polo, spirit shirt, or a college shirt. Students must still wear uniform bottoms. We will have various Spirit days/weeks throughout the year where students will be allowed to be out of uniform. These are the only exceptions.

1) Please makes sure to send your child with shoes that are a solid neutral color. We noticed that some students had bright colored shoes last year and these were very distracting. Please read over the uniform section in the Student Handbook for more information.

2) Please make sure to tuck in your child's shirt each morning. If they need a belt, please make sure they have a belt on to hold up their shorts/pants.

3) Please send your child in an approved polo (either our logo or plain)- white, black, red, blue, or grey

**Students are not allowed to wear hoodies. If it is cooler in the building, we will allow jackets but will not allow hoodies. Please make sure to keep these hoodies at home. Thank you.

4) Please send your child in approved bottoms (refer to information below)

SCPA GV Dress Code Quick Guide:

· SCPA GV Polo Shirt/Solid Polo (white, red, blue, black, and grey), tucked in at all times

· Black/Grey pants/Navy pants/shorts or Khaki-colored pants (no cargo pants, cargo shorts, denim, yoga/stretchy pants, or sweatpants)

· Females may wear a plain (black, khaki, grey, navy), skirt that falls at or below the knee

· Any closed-toe shoes without lights (shoes must be a solid neutral color)

o Students may wear snow or rain boots, but must change into regular shoes upon arrival to school

o If students do not yet know how to tie their shoes, please purchase Velcro shoes

· Optional: Plain black belt (only if needed to hold up pants)

School Spiritwear Website

Supply Lists: Keeping this here for new families :)

What does Arrival and Dismissal Look like each day at SCPA German Village?

SCPA at German Village

Traffic Flow Map: Arrival/Dismissal

**Please note that the Traffic Flow for Arrival and Dismissal has been adjusted due to the increase in enrollment. Please review carefully.

**Please remain in your vehicle the entire time.

**Please have your child's Name Placard on your dashboard during Arrival/Dismissal

Where do I go for Arrival and Dismissal each day?

*Remember, breakfast is from 7:30-7:45 am each morning and the instructional day begins promptly at 7:45 am. If you arrive after 7:50 am, your child is considered tardy and you will have to check-in at the front door entrance. (Refer to Visual Map)

Please refer to traffic flow below and follow arrows leading into our back parking lot. You will enter of off Lathrop Street (Entrance Gate) and will exit onto Briggs Street (Exit Gate).

We will have cones/signage along with staff to assist with where to go. 😊

Once you pull into the Entrance:

When you pull into the entrance (image below), you will turn right immediately and will pull around loop (will be marked with signage and cones). Please only come in from Lathrop and turn right. If you come in from the other direction, we will have you go around and get back in line. This will help with increasing the efficiency of our traffic flow plan.

What safety protocols are in place during Arrival and Dismissal?

When you drop off your child(ren), please pull up to the unloading zone by the Gym and remain in your vehicle. Please make sure that your child has his/her bookbag and supplies. We will have staff members outside ready to welcome your child and walk them to where they need to go for breakfast.

When you pick your child(ren) up from school each day (3:15 pm), please follow traffic flow and remain in your vehicle. We will have staff members that will walk your kiddo out to your car.

Where do I park if I need to drop off documents or need to speak to the Office Manager?

If you have documents the first week that you need to drop off, please still pull through Arrival and ask to speak to Mr Hawk or Ms Dunagan. We will then direct you in the right direction and will show you where to park. We have a few families that still need to be verified. If you do not have your documents in and are not verified, your seat is not secure. Please get these in immediately. :)

If you need to come into the building and have an appointment, please refer to visual below and park in our Visitors Parking lot. (Cars are not allowed to be parked on East Beck outside the Front Door) You will then need to walk to the front of the building and ring our security bell. Our Office Manager will buzz you in and you will be able to walk up the stairs to the waiting area/lobby. Please make sure your mask is on when entering our building.

What do I do if my child has an appointment during the day (Dentist, Medical)

We do ask that families schedule appointments for after school if at all possible. We do understand that sometimes this is not an option. If you must schedule an appointment for during the day, please call the Front Office and let the Office Manager know what time you will be picking your child up. Please also provide documentation so we can mark the absence as excused. Please park in the Visitors Parking area (visual below) and walk around to the Front Entrance (visual below). You will then need to ring the bell and sign your child out.

What do I do if my child is tardy?

If your child is tardy, please call the Front Office right away so we know that you are on your way. We will also have to document the reason why you are tardy. Please park in the Visitors Parking area (visual below) and go around to the Front Entrance (visual below). You must walk inside the building and sign your child in. (No exceptions)

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After Care

We now have a waitlist for After Care. Please reach out to Mrs Wilson if you would like to be placed on the waitlist. :) Please make sure to pick you child up promptly at 5:30 pm each day that you are enrolled in the program.


Days: Monday-Friday

Time: 3:30-5:30 pm

Cost: $8 per day

Please call if you have specific questions: 614-669-6301

Frequently Asked Questions: Keeping this year for new families :)

1. What is our vision here at SCPA at German Village?

Who we are:

South Columbus Preparatory Academy at German Village sets high expectations for every student and goes the extra mile to make sure every student realizes their own potential. Personalized learning, critical thinking skills, mastery of core subjects and whole child development is our recipe for success.


SCPA GV Elementary provides an exceptional educational experience to students of all backgrounds and prepares 100% of its students with the knowledge, skills and habits needed to be a strong leader. Inspire, we ignite, we empower, and we lead.

Our Pillars

Ignite. We learn best when we are most interested.

Inspire: We inspire our students to meet their full potential.

Empower. Academic excellence. Sense of Belonging. Commitment to dismantle racism.

Lead. We are world changers. We take action.

2. When is our first day?

Our first day for all students is August 11th.

3. What are the school hours at SCPA at German Village?

7:30-7:45 am- Breakfast

7:45-3:15 pm- School Day Hours

**After 7:50 am- Tardy

4. What is our contact information?

387 E Beck Street

Columbus, Ohio 43206

Phone: 614-669-6301

Mr. Hawk: 614-448-6840

Fax: 614-455-8924

5. What grade levels do we have at SCPA at German Village?

We will have Transitional/Early Kindergarten- 8th Grade

6. What does transportation look like at SCPA at German Village?

Free bus transportation services are provided by your child’s School District of Residence (Columbus City Schools) based on the address on file with our school that matches your most recent Proof of Residency documentation. Per district policies, eligibility for transportation services may be limited to a specific radius surrounding the location of the school.

Please click the link below to apply for transportation through Columbus City Schools.

7. Is there a school uniform at SCPA at German Village?

Yes, we have a uniform at SCPA at German Village. At SCPA GV, we believe in maintaining a professional learning environment at all times. The purpose of the dress code is to create a professional, safe, and respectful community where scholars can place their sole focus on learning. The dress code is in effect from the start of the school day until the end of the school day. Students are required to wear the SCPA GV uniform Monday – Friday unless otherwise noted.

SCPA GV Dress Code Quick Guide:

· SCPA GV Polo Shirt/Solid Polo (white, red, blue, grey), tucked in at all times

· Black/Grey pants/Navy pants/shorts or Khaki-colored pants (no cargo pants, cargo shorts, denim, yoga/stretchy pants, or sweatpants)

· Females may wear a plain, black skirt that falls at or below the knee

· Any closed-toe shoes without lights (shoes must be a solid color)

o Students may wear snow or rain boots, but must change into regular shoes upon arrival to school

o If students do not yet know how to tie their shoes, please purchase Velcro shoes

· Optional: Plain black belt (only if needed to hold up pants)

8. What does Transitional/Early Kindergarten mean?

To qualify for our Transitional/Early Kindergarten program, your child must be 5 by January 1st. The intention of this program is to prepare students for Kindergarten the following year. This robust program will teach students the skills necessary to be successful in our Kindergarten program at SCPA at GV.

9. How do I apply?

Please click the following link below to apply to South Columbus Preparatory Academy at German Village:


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Breakfast & Lunch Menu:

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