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News for May 2016

Michele Hutchison

Lower School Teacher
Skype: icademymhutchison

A Note from your Teacher...

Many terms are coming to a close. Please contact me with any questions or concerns that you have. We will be going over all of our end of the year info during conferences! :)

New Term Reminders!

Welcome Back to School! We are very excited to be beginning the 2015-16 School Year. There are many important things to keep in mind as you start.

  1. Everyone is required to attend One Policy and Procedure Meeting per year and one Getting Started in Lower School Session. (See dates and times below)
  1. All students 2nd grade and above take Scantron Assessment for Reading and Math. Refer to your K-mail for login instructions.
  2. Follow the daily/weekly plan and complete all assignments that are listed to stay on track!
  3. Add me on Skype ( icademyMhutchison) to keep in contact regularly and ask questions!

It's going to be a GREAT year!

Tips for the LC

How to manage sick days and holidays

How to print your weekly plan

Upload to file sharing

How to find Extended Reasoning Problems!

How to Find Extended Problems: Reasoning In Math Purple, Red, or Yellow

Time Zones

To ensure you are viewing Class Connects at the time they are happening check your Time Zone Settings for the OLS. Make sure to select your time zone. Times displayed in the online school will adjust to your time zone if your settings are correct!

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OLS and Computer issues

What happens if your computer is not working or your internet goes out? What

if you log into your OLS and it is not working? Unfortunately theses are things that we deal with as an online school . Here are some helpful tips: 1. Make sure you have cleared your cookies and cache off your browsers. 2. Try another browser. 3.Restart your computer. 4. Do an offline activity 5. Take a field trip (and make sure you use the hours as attendance when you get back!) 6. Call K12 Tech Support: 866.512.2273

Important Dates

Work Samples 15-16 School Year

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Progress Goals

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End of the Year Info

Last day of School is coming!

Term 1: May 17th

Term 2: June 3rd

Term 7b: May 23rd

Term 8b: June 6th

Term 3: June 17th

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Kids Corner

May Fun Facts

Below are some fun facts about May:

Journal Topic

Writing Prompt:

Hallmark Greeting Card Company needs a new greeting card for the holidays. Create a fun greeting card for someone.

Riddle of the week

Have fun Learning


Spelling Woes

So...I have heard that spelling is not always a favorite subject to tackle. Let's switch it up and have some fun with your words! Remember, mastery of content is the most important thing. Practicing spelling can be fun! Here are some ideas:

1) Scrabble Tiles: Use tiles from Scrabble, Boggle, or Bananagrams to spell out your words. You can always make your own "tiles" by creating them out of construction paper, if you wish. This is a great one for our tactile learners.

2) Craft Beads: Find a package of beads with letters written on them, and have fun stringing together necklaces or bracelets featuring your spelling words!

3) Food: Always a winner in my house! You can "spell" your letters out of Cheerios, M&M's, raisins, popcorn, or other favorite snacks. Or, with a small bag of icing, you can write them out.

4) Bubbles: With a bubble wand, you can paint the sky with your spelling words. Watch your little one's hand motions to see the letters form in the sky and have them spell it out as they write it.

5) Minecraft: You can build your spelling words out of cubes/bricks/blocks for a cool creation.

6) Hidden Words: Have your student "hide" the words in a piece of artwork. Words can easily be hidden in a lush green forest, mountain scene, or beach vista. You can have fun together finding the hidden words.

7)Shaving Cream: Place a plastic garbage bag over your table (for protection and sanity's sake) and cover with shaving cream. Your student can "draw" the spelling words in the cream for a fun, tactile, and delightfully messy experience.

8)Window Markers: These can be found at any craft store, Target, Walmart, etc. They are specially designed to crystallize on glass for a beautiful design. It's a fun way to practice spelling, and you can enhance the décor of your home by adding in some great spelling words. :)

K12 Apps

Did you Know that K12 has many great apps in the mobile app stores?

If you have an iPad, Kindle, tablet, etc. that you allow your kids to use, they may be missing out on some really cools apps that K12 offers. You should visit the full list at

Many of the Apps are FREE, with only a couple that cost a few dollars.

There is an app for each grade level in K-2 that has all of the K12 Classic Reader Stories. They include the pictures and the story can be read aloud.

Also check out the fun math apps like K12 Choc-It-Up or xGerms Addition

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