Labels on GMOs

Do genetically modified foods need to be labeled?

BY: Emma Jowdy

What is GMO?

GMO is genetically modified organisms, where DNA from one organism is added into the DNA of another organism. GMO can be used for a variety of different purposes, like food, or scientific reasons.

Benefits of GMO

  • Foods that have been genetically modified are able to more resistant to insects.
Resistant that GMO gives foods, allows food to be fresh. Insects won't ruin the food that is being grown, meaning more food is available.
  • GMO helps produce more nutritious foods.
Vitamins can be added to foods, giving them more nutrition. For example foods like rice are enhanced with more vitamin A to fit needs for humans. This is very beneficial in developing countries, allowing them to get some nutrition.
  • Foods have better quality and taste.
Flavors can be enhanced, meaning GMO gives food stronger taste. Fruits and veggies that have been modified taste better because of their modification.

RIsks of GMO

  • GMO may cause allergic reactions for some people.
This may happen due to the type of ingredients that are used for GMO (soy products). This is a serious problem, that can lead into deadly circumstances. Many people can become hurt from this, because the food that is being 'fixed' contains things that we might not know about.

  • GMF doesn't help the economy.
GMOs don't change the amount of food that is being sold at stores; GMO doesn't benefit or ruin the economy.

Should GMO products be labeled?

I think that it's important for food that has been genetically modified to have a label saying so; it will inform people that the food product has been changed. People will have a choice on whether or not they want to buy the product. Including labels for the public will be safer for consumers. It is no secret that GMFs can be for beneficial for us. They provide us with better tasting food, and more nutritious food. However, GMOs do have risks like allergenic reactions, so it is important to have labels to inform the public.

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