Columbian Exchange: Good or Bad?

By: Aaron Rice

What is the Columbian exchange?

The Columbian exchange is a huge trade between Europe and the Americas. It includes never before seen animals and plants; but also bad things like disease


I think the columbian exchange would be a good thing. We could get things from new land that we've never seen before. They could also have things such as riches over at the new land. More food that we could collect and give to the poor; WE could help starvation. Also, they may have animals we could use for transportation, faster than a horse! That's why I think it's a good thing, but you may have a different opinion.

Cons :(

The Columbian Exchange may also have bad effects. The Americas could also bring over disease that we have never seen. This includes a fungus that makes potatoes die. These diseases could also kill or hurt our country. That is the basic cons.