Pierce Downer School News

August 26, 2018

Great start to the year!

The 2018-19 school year has begun! Students and staff jumped right back into the school routine very smoothly. K-3 and 4-6 had assemblies to review behavior expectations. Getting to know you activities allowed students to learn about their new classmates and teachers. We had the chance to experience both outdoor and indoor recess. If the rest of the year goes as well as the first two days, we will be in for a great year! Thanks to all of our families for all that they do to prepare for these first days of school. There are several pictures from the first day at the bottom of this newsletter.

Back to School Event!

One more reminder that the PTA is hosting a Back to School Event at Pierce Downer on Monday, August 27 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. You will be able to purchase Zazzo's pizza and a drink for $4. The PTA will provide a DJ on the blacktop so we can dance! Let's hope for great weather for this fun event to celebrate the start of the school year!

Fall Benchmark Testing

Fall testing will begin this week. NWEA MAP testing will be given to all students this week, and AIMSWeb testing will follow soon after that. Please be sure your child gets plenty of rest, and a good breakfast each day. Encourage your child to do their best work, so our teachers can get the most accurate results as we rely on this information to plan instruction. Thank you!

Orchestra/Band Demonstrations for 4th and 5th

Fourth grade students will experience an orchestra demonstration this week, and fifth grade students will have a band demonstration next week. More information about these programs can be found at https://sites.google.com/dg58.org/instrumentalmusic/home

New Free Little Library!

Pierce Downer is very excited to announce that we will have a Free Little Library on our school grounds! The library will be located on the south side of the school near the butterfly garden along Grant St. Please feel free to begin contributing and borrowing books Many thanks to the Deaton family for building the Little Library for our school.
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Birthday Lunch with the Principals at Pierce Downer

We would like to begin a new experience for students at Pierce Downer...birthday lunch with the principals! Each month we will invite all the students with birthdays that month to eat lunch with Mrs. Collins and Ms. Cole during their normal lunch time. Students will be reminded through morning announcements what day birthday lunch will be, and they will have the birthday lunch in a quiet setting in the school. Children should bring their lunch and a drink (they will be allowed to purchase milk if they need to). They will have lunch with the principals, enjoy some conversation with their birthday group, and receive a special birthday pencil. If for some reason a student misses their birthday lunch, they will be allowed to attend birthday lunch the next month. Students with birthdays in June and July will be recognized at the end of May before school ends. If you have any questions about this new activity, please contact Mrs. Collins through the office.

August birthdays will celebrate on Wednesday, August 29 during their lunch period.

Please No Dogs at School

School has begun, and during these warmer days, several families have included their dogs at drop off or pick up time. While we are sure that families would not do this unless they are sure their dogs are friendly and safe, it is very difficult to always predict how dogs will react in every situation. Even the calmest, friendliest dogs can get stressed. Also, there are students who are fearful of dogs, and it would be difficult for them to encounter a dog while on school grounds. We kindly ask that dogs be left at home if you are taking your child to school or picking them up. If you must include your dog, please remain at the sidewalk, or on the outer side of the fence to wait for your child to go in or to come out.

Contact us

As always, please contact your child's teacher or the office if you have any questions. Have a great week!
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