Cole Counseling Resources

March 23-27th

The Counselor Is In!

We are all trying to navigate through this time and we know it may be difficult at times. Your Cole Counselors are here to help! We are available to communicate with families and students via email, phone, and video conferences. We hope everyone is doing well and hope to see everyone soon. Please find contact information below and also additional resources.

Linda Sandoval, HS Counselor

Jessica Garza, MS Counselor

Support Counselors

  • Dr. Ed Wilks, School Psychologist; 210-323-9267;
  • Sonia Dimas, MS Military Family Life Counselor; 210-439-9397
  • Joseph Lee, HS Military Family Life Counselor; 210-439-9125

At Home Resources

Our plan is to share a list of resources that will be helpful at home each week. Please let us know if you need any information about something specific.

Self Care and Character Activities

Coping with Stress and Anxiety