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Audrey L.

About Me as a Reader and Me

  • I like the divergent series and harry potter.
  • I also like watching the movies after I read the books.
  • I like to read all kinds of books
  • I like reading a lot.
  • I like reading series and when i read series i like to finish them
  • I also liked the Percy Jackson series
  • I like to play soccer
  • I have six people in my family and a dog
  • I read the A-Z series when i was younger
  • I don't like old westren or historical books
  • I don't like comic books
  • My favorite author is Veronica Roth
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Why I chose this Quote

I liked this quote because it shows reading can be fun but it helps you a lot in life and school.
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The Site I Chose was......

I chose because it tells you about the book and you can read the comments that people have left on the book and you can also take a peak inside the book.

My Latest Blog Entry

I just finished reading Insurgent (which is the second book in the Divergent series) and now i am reading Allegient. I enjoy both of these books because they are very exciting and descriptive.
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I chose the song happy because when i read it makes me happy

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