Custom Domain Names

Use your own custom domain for your flyer!

Almost every website has a domain name. Google's domain name is "", Facebook's is "" and so forth. Some domain names end in ".net" or ".co", but the concept is the same.

What should I do first?

Anyone can buy a domain name from a domain registrar like,

Domain names cost about $10 a year.

Smore Domain Name Setup

If you want your domain to point to a flyer, you need to tell your registrar that your domain should point to Smore.

There are two simple methods to do this, depending on your needs.

In any of these cases, your registrar should have detailed instructions on how to do this.

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Method 1 - Change name servers

This method is easy and should probably fit most users.

On your domain hosting service, you'll need to configure your nameservers as and

  • Advantages: Very easy to configure on most registrars.
  • Disadvantages: You can't use this method if you're using this domain for emails or using any subdomains.

Method 2 - Add a CNAME record

In this method, you need to add a CNAME record to your domain, that points to

  • Advantages: This allows you to use subdomains and receive emails with this domain name.
  • Disadvantages: For most registrars, this method is a trickier to configure.
Please allow for up to 72 hours for domain settings to "kick in". The actual time may vary but could really be a day or more with some domains and registrars.

After Completing the Steps Above:

How do I configure my flyer to work with my domain?

First, complete the step above. Otherwise this won't work!!

Once you set up your domain using one of the above methods, go to your flyer and click "Settings" on the bottom right. In the big gray box, put your domain name and click "Save" to save. If you want to test the domain, click "Test".

What do I do if I'm having more problems?

As much as we want, we're unable to reach many of the issues you come up with.

If you can't figure out how to do it on your own, it's best if you ask a friend who did this before.