Addendum Monday, March 31, 2014

Thursday After School

Classworks Training in the cafeteria starting 3:45PM. You will learn how to insert a link into your C&I links page, website, etc. Laptop optional.


As you begin thinking about field day, I want to remind you that taking field day away as a consequence is not a teacher option. In the event, field day is used as a consequence it will be at the discretion of the administration.


For a field trip to be taken away as a behavior or academic consequence, the teacher must schedule a face-to-face conference with the student AND parent to create a contract. All parties must sign and date the contract. A copy must be provided to the grade level AP within 24 hours of the conference date.

During this conference:

  • target behaviors identified
  • expectations set
  • goals set
  • schedule a follow up conference 48 hours prior to field trip to review the contract.

Remember: your AP must be informed at all times!!!