32-Bit Game's

We want to make games!

Wait a year, then it's there!

We will try to make the game by this time next year. This will be the game title (The Two Way River). We will try are best to get this up and running. We are fairly new to this and it's hard to make a good game very fast, so we think it will be reasonable to make this game by next year. -Ender And Wither!

The Two Way River.

Wednesday, May 9th 2018 at 12am

This is an online event.

This is the game name and look for it on steam next year. It might be up by then!

Times for work

4:00 PM (E.T): Start Shift (Wither, Ender, Kingdom)

4:45 PM (E.T): Check Comments For ideas, mechanics, (ECT.)
6:00 PM (E.T): End Shift (Ender, Wither, Kingdom)

School hours schedule.

We are 32-Bit Game's

And more will be added to this flyer over time! Look for updates Gamer's!