Grace Windsor Wexler

Gracie Windkoppel Wexler...Could I be accused for murder?

The Star of This Flyer

Like everybody know, I'm Grace Windsor Wexler, designer, housewife, heiress. No? Ok, you say no. Why, nobody listens to James Hoo, do they? Fine. Gracie Windkoppel Wexler. That's my real name. Please don't tell anyone. It's an ugly name. Yes, my real uncle IS Sam Westing. You do not believe me? It is written in the will itself, I, Samuel W. Westing of Westingtown, born Sam "Windy" Windkloppel of Watertown....... SEE?! My middle name is Windkloppel, Uncle Sam's last name is Windkloppel too. I told you we were related.
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My family

  • Me(Gracie) Third from the left, top
  • Jake Right, top
  • Angela Second to the left, top
  • Alice Tabitha-Ruth(Turtle) Right, bottom
  • Dr. Deere(Denton) Left, top
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My partner

James Shin Hoo

Born: James Hoo in Chicago. Age: 50. Added Shin to his name when he started restaurant business because it sounded more Chinese. First wife died of cancer 5 years ago. Married again last year. Has one son: Douglas.

The Mom Song with lyrics

The Mom Song

I totally agree with everything the Mom song says, but that only applies to Turtle. Angela is just the perfect child, she doesn't need reminders or anything. She does whatever I say to do.

Passages that describes me

“What a lovely living room, so practically furnished,” Grace commented. “Our apartments are identical in layout, but mine looks so different. You must come see what I’ve done with it. I’m a decorator, you know. Three bedrooms do seem rather spacious for a single woman.” Raskin, The Westing Game, pg. 70.

Everybody says I'm so full of myself. Am I? I don't know. Maybe. But I am not. You'll see. This passages describes me as a wonderful decorator, duh! Now, children, read the next passage. You have to or else....

“Angela? Angela was born good, the perfect child. As for the other one, well...”

This passage shows that I am picky. Angela is the perfect child, because she does whatever I say. So obedient! The other one, well......Turtle Alice Tabitha-Ruth Wexler is a just like her father, jokes around and stuff. I wish she inherited MY gene. She would have been has perfect as Angela.

My Internal Conflict

My Internal Conflict is that I show off too much. You should know that. Angela already said that we don't have as much money as I, Gracie, pretends. I guess she is not as perfect as I thought she was.

Things I noticed about my family and I, which is part of my family

Turtle has been changing, I can see. She is warming up with that old lady dressmaker Flora Baumbach. She calls her Baba now. I wonder what has got into that child!
Flora Baumbach's hands were gentle, they never hurried or pulled a stray hair. Flora Baumbach loved her, she could tell. "I like when you call me Alice," Turtle said, "but I better not call you Mrs. Baumbach anymore, because of the bomb scare, you know." Calling her Flora would spoil everything. Maybe I could call you Mrs. Baba?" Raskin, The Westing Game, pg. 103.

There! All the proof you need. What proof? Oh, proof that Turtle has been warming up to that dressmaker that almost poked Angela while making her wedding dress.

I've be changing too. I'm now a restauranteur, not a housewife that sits there and do all the work. I also changed my name in the beggining of the book, when I came to Sunset Towers because of the Westing Games, as Otis Amber had said.

5. Gracie Windkloppel Wexler, restauranteur

James Hoo, Inventor.

Grace raised her head. "Did someone say Windkloppel?" Raskin, the Westing Game, pg. 144.