Welcome to Skyrimia!

Where everyone belongs!

Do you like being a slave to your job?

Neither do we! Skyrimia is a perfect world that is job free. Here in Skyrimia all you have to do is whatever you want! Whether it be adventuring all day, or indulging in a relaxing evening that you deserve, Skyrimia is the place for you!

No worries for life!

If you are an honest and good doing person, you are free to come into our paradise! We are looking for people who have also been oppressed by the trivial jobs they have been working. Because much like you we were sick of wasting our lives on our jobs and started this community.

Our People

Anyone that comes to Skyrimia is well liked throughout the whole community. Anyone can come to our world that is willing to have a good time. The great thing about Skyrimia is that we are diverse since anyone is allowed into our world. We have this policy because we believe that when you are work free you are also stress free. And this will allow everyone to see the good side of life. Here in Skyrimia we are a judge free zone and know one will we discriminated against. Without work the community will be able to bond and talk together. This will help crime levels go down and have a very peaceful society. This is good because we will have little to no problems.

Our Utopia's Exsitence

Our Utopia came together by a group of fed up dead end job workers that wanted a change to our lives. We wanted to be job free community so went and colonized in a abandon island in the pacific.


Our government is ran by a different person each week. We rotate each person each day to help keep peace and order. The job of the government is too keep maintenance and entertain the public. Some of the maintenance they have to do is to pick up trash and make and create food. We create food from the "refrigenator" which is a machine that makes food and water from air. Also are Government makes anything that the public may need. Our machine can make anything. Our entertainment is ran from people that best fit the requirements to make you have fun. For example, Any person can come up to the Government and say i want to do this activity and it will be scheduled if enough people want to attend. Some activities are roman olympics, Football and theatrical arts.

Why Not Fahrenheit?

Unlike our neighboring city of Fahrenheit, which makes it's citizens preform tedious jobs their entire life, you are not required to do anything at all if you come to Skyrimia! You can be, and do whatever your heart desires! No one will have to compete for a higher job position with a person who is smarter than you, when you can do what you want everyone is equal! In addition, as we all know, Fahrenheit does not condone free thought and action. We can see this by how they burn books to prevent free thinking, and how they tried to kill Montag because he was attempting to harbor books and teach people what wonders are in them (when he talked to Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowden). But in Skyrimia we will not restrict you in anyway what so ever. So if you are looking for freedom in all circumstances come to Skyrimia!
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Potential Problems.

However, while Skyrimia is built to be a perfect utopia, some problems may arise. To start, it is quite possible that since there is no law enforcement, people will take justice into their own hands. This will probabily cause mass corruption, and dispute within communities, not to mention the eminent execution of innocent lives. On the other end of the spectrum, since you are free to do whatever you please in Skyrimia, there will indefinatly be widespread crime causing society to crumble under fear and war. In general, there are an infinite amount of issues that could arise when people have no restrictions and all of their opinions, all eventualy being a key part in tearing the city into sides of a feud and in turn, being our demise. Also, since we rotate leadership, one leader might try and asertain permanent control to himself and become a tyrant.

What will we do?

We assure you that to prevent war and brutality, we will have in addition to maitinance and entertainment, a goverment issued task force that will handle any unruly behavior and disputes within the city. We will then ask the guilty party (if any) to leave the city at once.


Really the only drawback is that since there is no manufacturing, we will not have any infer structure, resources, or educationtional devices (computers, books, etc.). So you will need to make your own objects that you might need.

What if you want to leave?

You are free to go, but never to return again.


This might be considered a dytopis for those who are knowlage seekers, artists, or anyone that wants to become something greater in life. Because there are no resources, and everyone is equal in terms of they will not rise to anything more than a free man, since there is no position to arise to.

American Dream

Here in Skyrimia everyone has the equal and same opportunity to achieve there american dream. We are all in the same social class so technically there inst one. Like i said anyone is welcome and we do not discriminate against anyone. Everyone has the equal opportunity to do whatever you may desire here in Skyrimia. Are society is based on freedom because we are free to do anything. Here in Skyrimia the options are endless. In the book lone survivor there are soldiers that are fighting for freedom and opportunity for america. In America you have freedom, opportunity and the choice to be you just like Syrimia.