Let's talk about the pros and cons of assessments.

Formative and Summative Assessments

When looking at these two types of assessments I see the good and the bad of both of them. Example of a formative is giving students a written test that you will grade. An example of a summative assessment is discussing with the whole class, or individual students what they learned for each lesson. They both are great it just depends on what you are wanting as the teacher.

What I liked in the Video...

I really liked the idea that you should allow students to answer questions openly and only have them raise their hand to ask questions. This allows students to feel like a community and actually opens up the conversation more.

What I Will Do In My Classroom....

I will end up using both assessment strategies because they both have the wonderful qualities. A lot of the time with summative some students do not really understand the topic completely, so that is a great thing that formative assessments provide. I will also allow my students to have engaging conversations with the class as a whole. I think allowing the students to discuss the topic among each other encourages the students to really participate. Hand raising will only be used as needed and to ask questions during lessons.