Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

By Kaidance Anderson

What would happen if a god or goddess changed their setting?

Many other things would change including:

Clothing: In Egypt the clothes are gold and black in Greece clothes are multi colored

Language: In Egypt they speak Arabic in Greece they speak Greek

Behavior: In Egypt men are required to shake hands in Greece worship is required

What changes would I suggest the gods and goddesses make?

I think that they could have changed the way they treat each other, their technology, and modern materials such as buildings or clothing. I have to admit the Egyptian clothes are gorgeous but I think that they could change it up every once and a while also technology was like if a pyramid opened on its own or not I think it would be cool if they had phones to see what it would be like.

Some of the Gods and Goddesses are...

How would the gods and goddesses deal with drama and disappointments?

James Friedman once said " Don't blame people for disappointing you but blame yourself for expecting to much from them" As humans we deal with non stop disappointment or drama but what would happen if the gods and goddesses were to deal with it to? From what I've read most of them were selfish or cruel so I feel that if one of them was stabbed in the back they would probably want to injure that person. Like I said humans also deal with disappointment so if that happened I feel like they would put a curse on them or go into hiding.

Now you know more about the gods and goddesses of Ancient Egypt