Staying In-the-Know

with Ms. Cloyd & Mrs. Drayton

VIP Folders

Please check your child's VIP Folder every Thursday. Today, they should include:

  • September Lunch Menu
  • Medicaid Form
  • Art Smart Handout
  • Afterschool Science Form
  • Honor Choir Audition

Literacy & SS with Mrs. Drayton

What should my child be doing for ELA & SS?

  • Writing down his/her HW in the school agenda everyday.
  • Reading “just-right” books for 30 minutes every night. Weekends are optional (Monday – Thursday).
  • Bringing home a VIP envelope every Thursday. In the coming weeks, the contents of the VIP Folder will include: School handouts, monthly newsletters, progress reports (Progress reports need to be signed and returned the next day.) Graded papers (these stay at home). Please sign the back of the VIP Folder starting today.
  • Responding in his/her reading log 3 times a week in class. This should be done in class. We’ll start next week.
  • Returning or renewing library books on Mondays.
  • Consistently rereading and studying social studies materials (US History Composition Journal).
  • Keeping an organized folder for ELA handouts and notebook paper.
  • Book Reports are due every 3 - 4 weeks. Exact due dates coming soon.

Math & Science with Ms. Cloyd


Next week we will working on place value, comparing and ordering numbers, problem solving, and numbers with decimals. Please keep in touch with me on how homework is going. Our class discussions on how we are solving problems are going very well.



In this unit, students will relate the effect of natural processes on the Earth's oceans and land in constructive and destructive ways. These destructive & constructive forces include weathering, erosion, and deposition.

Students will look at the geological features found on the ocean floor and compare these ocean formations to those features on land. In addition students will look into the various ways the ocean water moves and how these waves, tides, and currents affect the geological features of the ocean floor zone.

Finally, students will also explore how human activity (both positive and negative) affects Earth's lands and ocean.

Please remind your child to return the signed Science Safety Lab form given out on Monday. I will not be able to allow your child to participate in the lab unless I received this signed agreement.

5th Grade Service Project

Attention Faimiles…FREE CLOTHES!!

DFES 5th Grade will be collecting gently used clothing items, as part of the ultimate recycling project, for the entire school year. We plan to collect the items your family has outgrown, and then, right before the holidays will host a clothing swap where you can shop for your family for FREE!! Please start collecting your gently used items and we will notify you when you can send them in to the school. For more info please contact Kim Caley at or 476-3900.

Thank you!

Lowman Home Donations

We are collecting socks and toiletries to send to residents of the Lowman Home. Please send in any items you like by September 5th. Thank you so much in advance for your donations! They are truly appreciated.

Homeroom Parent

If you are interested in being a homeroom parent please let Ms. Cloyd or Mrs. Drayton know. To find out more about typical homeroom parent duties visit and click on "Volunteers" or contact us for information.

5th Grade T-Shirt

Fifth grade t-shirts can be purchased for $13 until September 3rd. We will wear them for Spirit Fridays, pep rallies, field trips, and Field Day. Please consider purchasing this cool, tie dyed shirt for your child! The order forms were in your child's VIP Folder on the first day of school.