Fossil Fuels and Solar Energy

By Claire Michaelson

Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels are prehistoric sea plants and animals that died and were gradually buried under layers of rocks. They take millions of years to form and they are all different depending on what combination of organic matter was present. You have to drill or mine for these energy sources. After they are drilled you can burn them to produce energy, or refine them for use as fuel for heating or transportation.
Fossil Fuels Short Clip

This is a video about what Fossil Fuels are and where they came from. Also how they were formed.

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This is a picture of the three types of Fossil Fuels. Gas causes less pollution than oil and coal so gas is becoming more preferred so the air is less polluted. The short clip above has a great explanation.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy is found in the suns radiant energy. Solar radiation rays can be converted into heat and electricity. The heat and electricity can be used to heat and power homes, buildings, and greenhouses. Solar Energy is an inexhaustible energy resource which means it can never run out.
Fun Fact: The biggest stop to affordable solar energy remains the soft cost like permitting, zoning, and hooking a solar system up to the power grid.
Solar Energy Short Clip

This is a Bill Nye video about how solar energy is formed and used. Also how to collect it using solar panels.

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This is a picture of printable soar panels. They provide a portable way to transform solar radiation to heat and electricity.