Make It Known

What Have We Learned?

It Leads With A Handout...

Everyone is well aware of the standards held for men/boys, such as the ways the male gender is supposed to behave, the sports that they play, and even what genre of music they listen to. Such standards have been acquired for years by conforming men. With this, we take an image, from a handout written in 2014 in order to help teachers remove the sex bias and sex-role stereotyping that is experienced within the social lives of men and women.
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What Must Be Done?

Sexism within sons can and has caused greater effects than anyone realizes. Gender conformity is a bigger issue now than it ever has been. Stopping this will require hard work into shaping the minds and society to think of the bigger picture the next time they tell their sons that “Boys don't do that”, but this could only bare positive outcomes in the near future.

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Check out a couple more up-to-date clips on sexist issues being portrayed in a weekly show like NBC's Chicago fire starting at time 37:52. Below that, you can watch a clip created by which demonstrates little girls utilizing statistical based facts on the inequality gathered from society on the unfair treatment of men and women.
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