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Read Through the Genres Reading Challenge

Students Are Taking the Challenge!

It's a busy place at Legacy Library! With over 1,000 submissions to a google form (yes, 3rd graders through 5th graders are submitting answers about the books they are reading on a google form) I've given out over 285 genre tags in the first six weeks of school. Circulation is up 1500 books for the same time frame last year. As of this Friday morning, we have checked out 6,821 books. We are still organizing fiction books into their genres and learning about genres happens every day. Alex Hatfield, our first student to receive a genre tag is well on his way to be the first student to receive all 9--and that's before the end of the first 9 weeks! Special thanks to PTO for sponsoring the Read Through the Genres Reading Challenge.
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Genre Chart

This genre chart is the one presently used by 2nd grade in their student reading folders. We've combined biography and autobiography as one genre. Second graders have been reading genres determined by the stories introduced in their reading series. This chart will be helpful to students and parents alike in identifying book genres from public libraries, book stores, or in digital form. Another resource would be to simply "google" the book title. I.e. "genre for Nory Ryan's Song by Patricia Reilly Giff".
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Parents: Students can access the Readers Are Leaders Log from home!

Visit the Legacy Elementary website, (link in contact information below) scroll to the bottom section of the website and find the graphic of a group of kids. Click the words below the picture "Readers Are Leaders Log". Answer all the starred questions and don't forget to click SUBMIT! A video tutorial for accessing the Readers Are Leaders Log is provided below.

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