Chapter 29 Project

Whitney Parrish

Comsumer Bill of Rights

  • The Right to Safety
  • The Right to Be Informed
  • The Right to Choose
  • The Right to Be Heard
  • The Right to Redress
  • The Right to Consumer Education

Patients' Bill of Rights

  • Information Disclosure-the patients have the right to receive accurate
  • Choice of Providers-the patients have the right to choose their own doctors
  • Access to Emergency Services-the patients have the right to access health care services
  • Treatment Decisions-the patients have the right to fully participate in all pf the decisions
  • Respect and Nondiscrimination-the consumers have the right to considerate
  • Confidentiality-the consumers have the right to confidentiality
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Meat Inspection Laws

The Poultry Products Inspection Act of 1957 requires poultry to be inspected for harmful contaminants. Also in 1967, the Wholesome Meat Act undated the Meat Inspection Act of 1906.

National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act

This act was established in 1966 for national safety standards for automobiles and fror new and used tires. Its responsibilities include increasing public awareness if the need for safety devices and testing safety.
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