Dynasty Project

By: Kallie Shannon & Celeste Lehnardt | Hour 2 | Mrs. Riner


In the time of war They made The three philosophies. This helped The future china to know how to rule better.

Han-Steel Weapons

Steel weapons advanced Their battle skills. This made it easier so They could fight better from a longer distance. This made China have stronger armies to defeat other places that might try to take over.

Han-lasted 214 years

This was the longest lasting dynasty. since there was so much time they got to invent lots of thing like steel.

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Han- bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is like a pyramid, there a few people on top and the people on the top lead the people on the bottom. This made thing more fair because You had to be smart to rule
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Han-service exam

They used a civil service exam so they could tell who had experience and who didn't. If they didn't have experience then the couldn't have the job, but if they did have experience then they could.

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Qin- The Great Wall of China

it provided protection for China because they didn't have to fight or worry about That side of the border much. He could focus his armies somewhere else.

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Qin-Simplified Written Language

It would be easier to write the characters because there were less to memorize, and not as confusing because there were less characters so some of them don't look the same, and easier to learn. It helped to simplify the language.

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Bronze created stronger weapons for the army's. This allowed them to control enough land to have a dynasty.

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