Maze Runner

by: James Dashener, Justin Cornwall Block 2


The book takes place inside a maze that only has one exit. There are 4 sides (North, South, East, and West) to the maze. There are lots of trees inside the maze that are used to make buildings to help the characters survive. The characters are stuck in the maze to figure out on their own how to get out. They don't know their past of how they got into the maze and they don't even remember their families. The characters are worried about making it out of the maze alive. Many of them realize it is hard to survive at night in the maze.`



The characters' goal within the book is to survive the maze and find a way out. The characters went through many challenges and saw many deaths. They had to stick together and work as a team in order to survive. My understanding of the theme book is that in order to survive you must work as a team. Without each other there would of been no way to survive and make it through the maze.


Map Room:

- The room was built by the runners to provide a place for them to go and brainstorm a way out.

- The room symbolizes their key for their way out.

Stone Carvings:

- There were multiple carvings throughout the maze that read " There is no way out."

- These carvings were there to trick the maze runners.

- These carvings symbolized evil.

Why I Like This Book

I liked this book because it was filled with adventure and tough situations. it was kind of like a mystery book. The characters were trapped with a lot of twists and turns throughout the book as they tried finding a way out. I was sad when Chuck died because he was Thomas's best friend. It was a awesome book. This is probably the best book I have read so far. I recommend this book to people who like adventure and action.


This book was so good they even made a movie about it!
The Maze Runner | Official Trailer 2 [HD] | 20th Century FOX