Cheer Culture

Grace Barrett and Emily Owen


The clothing we wear in Cheer Culture are cheer uniforms. We wear bows in our hair. We also wear long sleeves and skirts. We wear white cheer shoes and our shoes of choice are white Nfinitis.


For dance in Cheer Culture, we have several kinds of choreographed dances that are performed for people. We also do "stunt dances" involving one flyer, one backspot, and two bases.


For sports we have competitive cheer and sideline cheer. Competitive cheer is a choreographed routine with a stunt that is performed in front of judges to be scored. Sideline cheer is used to celebrate everyday life and special events.


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For food in Cheer Culture we like to eat healthy. We eat lots of fruits and vegetables to keep us strong and water to keep us hydrated. Granola bars are our snack of choice.


In Cheer Culture we practice Christianity, which means we worship Jesus Christ.

(Picture Below; Grace)

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Our form of government is democracy. That means we vote for our leader and we have a say in the decisions they make for Cheer Culture.

(Picture Below: Grace)

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In Cheer Culture our economy type is market. That means that we make decisions on what to produce based on supply and demand.

(Picture Below: Emily )

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