and Taoism

What the Government would look like if it was founded on Confucian.

The Government would just live off common logic and are would be in complete peace with other countries and nations. Everyone would be respectful and happy no one would have problems at all which sound amazing but we need to have discussions about things not just logic.

Asian family influenced by Confucian.

They will appreciate anything they would have and respect each other. They will always follow the golden rule. The family would probably be good neighbors. Everyone around them would respect and like them.

Taoist in Everyday Life

Taoist deals with how you view yourself as a person and what is the purpose of you on this earth. It starts with the truth about yourself and how other people see you as good or bad you can determine. It relates to if you don't agree with yourself change it.

How Other Philosophy Connect

Many religions will happily show a Philosophy which in reflection defines a person. Its has its time where it wont make sense at first but then you shall soon get it as time comes. It also tell the truth in its own common logic.