Figure Skating

By: Katelyn Harstine

History of Figure Skating

The sport, figure skating, was developed on the lakes of Scotland and the canals of Netherlands. Figure skating, also known as ice skating, did not develop as an organized sport until the steel blade permanently attached to leather boots was created.

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Jackson Hains

In the mid 1800s Hains was experimenting to combine his dance training with skating. No one cares so he moved from Europe to London, Paris, and Stockhokm; where he found success. He was so talented he created the first shoe to attach his blade firmly to his boot, for his jumping move(with a pick), he originated he sit spin and taught the Viennese waltz on ice. Jackson Hains was looked down upon. People thought we was crazy but in the end he is known as the father of ice skating.

Gracie Gold

Gracie Gold is an American figure skater. She was born on August 17, 1995, in Newton, Massachusetts. She has been training/ learning about figure skating since she was two. At the 2013 World Figure Skating campionships she moved up in her senior class. In January 2014 she won the U. S. Championships held in Boston and weeks later became forth at the Olympics held in Sochi, Russia. She was been training and getting better ever since.