African Leopard

By D.A.

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  • The African Leopard was put on the endangered list in 2008 by the IUCN.
  • The Leopards color is yellow to gold to brown.
  • The male Leopard weighs about 200 pounds the female Leopard weighs about 77 to 88 pounds.
  • The Leopards live mostly in Saharan Africa

Food Chain & Habitat

  • Leopards have had 92 species in their diet
  • Leopards bring their prey in trees
  • They often hunt during sunset and sunrise
  • They have a big variety of habitats to forests savannahs and grassland


  • Leopards can adapt easy with different habitats because of their wide choice of food
  • The color of the Leopards coat depends where they live also,light colored leopards often live in grasslands
  • If Leopards must they can eat smaller animals sometimes even dung beetles to adapt to their habitat
  • Leopards have more of a chance than any other wild cats to adapt to a habitat

Reasons For Endangerment & Critical Information

  • One reason for Leopards being endangerment is that they were kept being shot
  • Traps also have been part of the problem of them being threatend
  • Although Leopards can adapt to many habitats they have their habitats taken from