Do's and don'ts of a job interview.

by:Alecia Kdam

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Dress attire


-Dress appropriately for the industry,It'll show how serious you are about the job not only that but it also shows that your clean and groomed.

-Be professional!

-Wear something business appropriate like khakis,polo,button up,tie,suit,dress shoes,

pencil skirt not too short,appropriate fitting dress,blouse,Heels are appropriate but not too high and etc.

-Dress conservative as possible.


-Don't let your clothes be too distracting like flashy or over the top jewelry.

-Try not to wear anything with label on them.

-Don't ever go too causal that's really important!

-Don't wear anything tight!

-Don't go over the top.

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what to do and not to do in a interview.


-Arrive on time

-Treat others with respect,courtesy and politeness it can leave a good impression.

-Offer a handshake with friendly expressions and eye contact.

-Prepare a intelligent question to ask.

-Sit in your seat still.Avoid slouching.

-Have an positive attitude.

-Be honest and yourself.

-Have a positive attitude.

-Show that you have interest in the job.

-Ask the interviewer if you don't understand the question.


-Don't smell and chew gum during the interview.

-Don't leave your ringtone on, turn it off because it may be distraction.

-Don't act desperate for the job.

-Don't give false information.

-Don't make excuse.You are responsible for your decision and action.

-Don't give false information.