20 Day Twitter Experiment

Empowering Educators in Social Media

Three Goals

Develop an engaging Personal Learning Network to collaborate with other teachers

Market your learning space to the community

Change the world #OneTweetAtaTime!

TKES 9 & 10

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You've scrolled, this far... dive in!

Should you use Twitter? You Betcha! Thank you to Sylvia Duckworth for her sketch note to help us answer the Twitter question.

Building your PLN with Twitter offers you "round the clock" networking opportunities from all over the world. With Twitter, you can learn from and connect with other educators in ways that are not possible through traditional professional development. It's easy to get started with Twitter, and even easier to stick with it by accepting the challenge and practicing a little bit every day. By the end of the challenge, you'll be finding inspiration from other teachers, and marketing your learning space to not only the community but the entire Twitterverse!

Matt Davis at Edutopia published an amazing collection of Twitter resources specifically for teachers. Be sure to check out his content. When you get to step 2, go ahead and follow him!

1 - Get started...

Create a new Twitter account or dust off your old one, then add your Twitter information here so others who accept this challenge can follow you.

Make your profile ready for prime time! Use the resources and tutorials here to update your Twitter profile so that it represents you as an educator, life-long learner (and human). Include a short bio so that people can learn a little bit about you before they decide to add you to their PLN. Put a bit of effort into your page, it represents YOU, so be creative! Be sure to include your district, your school, position, and content.

2 - Find and Follow

Your mission is to find at least 25 educators to follow on Twitter. Not sure where to get started? Go back to the link above and search for the folks on the list. Twitter's search field can search accounts, people, keywords, and hashtags. Follow all the members of the Instructional Technology Department! Be sure to follow your IT Coach, your school (if an account exists) and your district. The resources here can help you locate great people to follow. Follow your favorite ed-tech tools to be in the loop on their latest features and uses. Check out your "feed" it should be filling up with Tweets from the people you followed.






















3 Your First Tweet!

Introduce yourself to the #sccpsschat community. Include your school, your content, and anything else you can share in 140 characters or less. Add #SCCPSSITC to your Tweet so that we can find and follow you! While you're at it, type #sccpss in the search field and locate other teachers in our district. By following others, you'll learn more about the language of Tweets.

4 Spread the Word:

Retweet something that was Tweeted by someone you follow. Add your own comment (by selecting "Quote Tweet") to share something you found interesting. Use the #SCCPSSITC hashtag to make sure our community gets the most from the information you are sharing.

5 Like a Tweet :

Liking a Tweet serves two purposes. It shows the person who posted it that someone likes or agrees with the Tweet. It's always nice to receive a thumbs up - even from people you don't know well. You'll find that growing your PLN on Twitter will be a positive experience, especially if you follow positive educators. Liking a Tweet also saves the Tweet in a list so that you can go back to it later. Find this list on your page under the Likes tab.
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6 Thank your New Followers!

Manners matter! Spend a few minutes looking at your growing PLN. Thank those who have recently followed you by including their account name in your Tweet. For example: "Thanks for the follow @sccpssitc - hope we can learn from each other!"

Using the account name in the Tweet will alert your followers to the message.

7 Heart the Hashtag: #sccpssitc

Find at least 3 educational hashtags from Libby’s Blog Post that you think are worth sharing. Then send an individual tweet for each one to the #SCCPSSITC hashtag that includes your new hashtag find AND the reason why you think it is so awesome! (Sample Tweet: "Join #WhatIsSchool on Thursday's at 7 to for inspiration and modern teaching ideas #sccpssitc" )

We are using the #sccpssitc to tag learning/communication posts.

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8 Get Mobile:

Add a Twitter app to your phone and send your first mobile Tweet including a photo of your learning space! I know it's summer - so your mobile learning space is where ever you are! Use your 140 characters to tell us a little bit about the place/space you find yourself today and don’t forget to use the hashtag #SCCPSSITC.

9 Add Some Content:

Post a Tweet sharing an article, blog post or website that you see as a valuable instructional resource. Tell us why you love it and why we should too! Twitter will shorten your URL automatically, so don't worry about extra characters. Include #SCCPSSITC and one more educational hashtag so that your content will be included in those conversations. Anyone searching #SCCPSSITC will find your post!

(Sample Tweet: A Teacher's Guide to Twitter http://goo.gl/rd5gYP thanks @edudemic! #edtech #pln #sccpssitc)

10 Half-Way Point:

How's it going? Send out a Tweet expressing something you are happy you've learned from this experience. Your post could be about Twitter or something from your growing PLN. Include #SCCPSSitc in your post.
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11 Add Some Media:

Share a photo or video that conveys an important instructional message or concept. Tag at least 3 other educators in your Tweet by using their Twitter handle in your post. (Sample tag: @angela_laplante) Begin your post with a period in front of the tags so that the post appears on your followers' pages, the page of the person you tagged, AND all of their followers' pages! (Example Tagged Tweet: .@angela_laplante your Twitter Challenge is the BOMB! #sccpssitc)

12 Get Organized:

Create a tweetdeck account and link it to your Twitter account. Then spend some time creating columns based on your favorite searches, hashtags, or users. Be sure to send a tweet from Tweetdeck letting us know how you like the platform. #sccpssitc

13 Spread the LOVE!

Contribute to your PLN. Send a Tweet sharing what are you most excited about related to teaching, technology, productivity, or whatever!! #SCCPSSitc

Showcasing your content, classroom, a student project, or your school. Twitter can be a great way to spread good news about your awesome learning environment. Use #TeachSavannah #SeasonofImpact to spread the LOVE!

14 #MotivationMonday or #TechTipTuesday or #WednesdayWisdom or......

Post a Tweet, or RT an existing post that may help motivate your audience. Photos, quotes, and memes are often shared on Mondays. Include #SCCPSSitc and #MotivationMonday in your Tweet.

or Share at least one techie (or ed-techie) resource with your PLN. Use the #SCCPSSitc and #TechTipTuesday hashtags in your Tweet.

Share or RT something meaningful with your PLN to help spread thoughtful, educational, insight into your week. #WednesdayWisdom

Post a Tweet in honor of #ThrowBackThursday Remember When??

Get Specific: Locate at least 3 new people to follow. Find other instructional coaches, Media Specialists, motivational speakers, content area specialists, libraries, ed-tech tools, or other leaders to grow your PLN. Use the hashtags #sccpssitc #FF so that we can follow your suggestions and so that others can follow your recommendations by searching #FF.

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15 Collect Some Data!

Send a tweet that includes a Twitter poll. Ask your growing PLN about an instructional practice or their opinion on a resource. Just don’t forget the #SCCPSSitc hashtag! Participate in several polls posted to the #SCCPSSITC (or previously used #SCCPSSchat)

16 Listen to Student Voice

Do a search for the #stuvoice hashtag and you will find many wonderful resources. Listen and learn from the insight of our young learners. Re-Tweet a post that speaks to you. Include the #sccpssitc and #stuvoice

17 Start a classroom or school hashtag

Anyone can create a hashtag. Consider something easy to remember, have it related to your school, community, or mascot. Use it across several social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. When your school or class hashtag is used in all posts, information from your classroom will be easy to locate. Parents could create an account in TAGBOARD and follow your hashtags in all of their social media accounts.

Announce your new hashtag with a Tweet (or several Tweets over several days). Include #sccpssitc so that we see you!

18 Create a List

Lists help you organize your Twitter content. You may want a list for favorite TechTips, Content Specialists, SCCPSS Peeps, etc.

To create a list, click on your profile pic>click lists>>create new list>Title and describe your list>determine if you want it to be private or public>SAVE.

Now, find an educator on Twitter>go to their profile page>click on the sprocket icon on the right>click add/remove from lists>select the list you want to add the person to> repeat

19 Join a TwitterChat!

Chat it up! Wait - What's a TwitterChat? How do I join one? Sometime this week, participate in an Educational Twitter Chat. Use Participate.com to help locate one that may interest you. Use the hashtag from the Twitter chat and #SCCPSS when you post and reply. Every Saturday at 9:00am EST you can follow the New Teachers 2 Twitter chat #nt2t

20 Celebrate!

Celebrate! Send a tweet to @sccpssitc and/or your school ITC! Include your favorite part of the Twitter Challenge. What did you gain through participating? Include a hashtag in your Tweet.


You've connected with fellow educators, media specialists, coaches, and leaders. Keep your PLN healthy by visiting it daily. Give yourself 10 minutes each day to scroll through your Twitter feed. Continue to share, like, and follow (and even unfollow) so that your Twitter feed has a positive impact on your day and your instruction. Read Brad Currie's Blog Post for suggestions. The Instructional Technology Department will cruise through the #sccpsschat and will award badges to teachers who complete the Twitter Challenge. Celebrate your new habit, toot your horn, and post the badge on your website, blog, and Twitter page. Complete this form to receive your badge!
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The collected perspective of public education in Savannah, Georgia is about to change! Teachers are beginning to embrace the positive power of social media by becoming active on Twitter. Teachers are beginning to connect with educators around the world, sharing resources and best practices, and even tagging local media with student success stories. By modeling positive digital citizenship for students, teachers are building a positive online community and digital tattoo for themselves and their students. Savannah teachers are changing the world #OneTweetataTime!

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