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Summer 2017 Issue
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Summer Reading List

Yearbooks Are On Sale Now

Yearbooks are being pre-sold for $27. See Ms. Goss in the library to place your order or go online at

Sending Students to the Library

When sending students to the library, please say what they are there for. If a student needs to come to the library before school or during lunch, please give them a pass in advance. I do not want duty teachers to write passes to students. Please help me out by signing a pass to those students you know will need to come and finish work during that time.

Library Printing

We are restricting student printing to only those papers needed for a grade in their classes. Printing for personal use is not allowed. This also includes copies of articles. Please encourage your students to take notes or to bookmark the pages. All printing is 10 cents a page. Teachers needing to print, please print only master copies and make additional copies on the large copier in the office. Thanks for your help with this.

Lessons in the Library

During the Summer, students are welcome to visit the library for check-outs. Teachers will be conducting their own lessons utilizing the library resources with the students to enhance the curriculum.

Book Club

All students are encouraged to read. For those students who are avid readers, we have book club. All readers are encouraged to join. We have something for everyone at the library. Book club will be held on Thursdays after school. Students need to get a permission form from the library. Also prizes will be given to those students who read the books with the hidden pokemon in them. If you find a pokemon in your book, bring it to the Poke Center (front desk) for a prize.

Matchbook Team

Students will be asked to join the Matchbook Team from the participants in the Book Club. Matchbook is a competition that is held annually by FBISD. Students are challenged to read 5 of 30 books from a selected list over the course of a year. At the end of the year, the students will compete in a competition where they will be given a quote from a book and asked to then identify the book. We will select only 10 members for the team. The link for the Matchbook list is

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