England in the Middle Ages

By caleb and Rohan

The Middle Ages was a time of war and conquest. The battle of hastes and the Norman conquest, the crusades, the Hundred Years' War, all different things that made our history.

The Middle Ages was also a time for great political achievement. The manga carta, and the doomsday book were written in this time period. Also one of the worst losses of life in history occurred, the Black Plague, having wiped out a third of the population.

Life in the Middle Ages:

Depending on the class you were in, quality of life was better or worse than others. Obviously the more wealth you had, the better off you were. The lords and other nobleman had a greatly quality life, because they had more wealth. The peasants had a harder life, because they had less wealth. If you were a monk or a nun, you probably lived a little better than a peasant.

Religion in the Middle Ages

The church played a huge part in England's history's the church was a respected and powerful unit in England. Christianity played the biggest role in the crusades, because the pope promised those who would fight in it would gain clearance to heaven automatically, and many people fought in the crusades.

Women in the Middle Ages

The role of women depended on what class you were in, but all were to be submissive to the men in their family. Women could be princesses and queens if you were a noble member of society, otherwise you lived and died as a peasant.
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