Camping Holiday in Spain

Camping Holiday in Spain

There are thousands of officially registered camp-sites in Spain, ranging from tented spaces to bungalows and small pre-fab homes. The facilities in most of these camp-sites are excellent, with very comfortable accommodation and conveniences. They are also ideal places from which to explore the neighboring country-side, or spend the nights in while your days are spent at the nearby beach. Many of these camp-sites combine motor-homes too, so tourists can avail of their own transport facilities here. Trailer-homes and caravan sites are another popular option.

Some Tips to Follow while Camping in Spain:

Security: Though there is usually adequate safety and security provided by trained personnel in most camp-sites, it is always better to take precautions. Keep your living quarters locked if possible and never leave any valuables inside when you're going out, even for short periods. If you're biking or traveling by bicycle or car, always keep it safely locked at all times, close to your living quarters. As far as possible, try not to stay out too late, especially if you have had drinks and will be returning to the camp-site alone at night. Make sure that your camp-site has the right waste and water management facilities.

Packing Essentials: Carry weather-appropriate clothes and keep some warm clothes and water-proofs for sudden cold snaps or rains. Camp-sites generally have power and water, so your laundry can be done. You may need special power adapters for your personal electrical/electronic items. Make sure you have adequate health and travel insurance and a supply of your usual medications.

Time of Travel: Generally, winters are the best time of year to go on a camping holiday. However, as most Europeans travel to Spain at this time of year, it's best to book your camp-site accommodation ahead. If you're traveling with a pet, ensure that all the travel guidelines for the pet are met and that your camp-site is pet-friendly.

Food and Leisure: Most camp-sites are situated close to places where you can do your basic marketing and grocery shopping. They may also be located within easy access of the nearby entertainment and leisure centers. You can check these facilities out before you book so that you can be assured of getting the right kinds of food. If you prefer not being located close to a noisy entertainment or leisure center, you could look for an alternate camp-site nearby.

If you're traveling to Spain on a budget and love the outdoor life, a camping holiday is the perfect option! This is a very popular choice since the year-round sunshine, warm temperate climate and friendly and hospitable people make it one of the most enjoyable ways to take a relaxing and refreshing break from the hectic city life.

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