How to get revenge on your friend

By Olivia McCabe

Friends are always good to have. They're there to listen to you and support you, you may even tell them everything you're going through in your life. Sometimes one of those bad friends comes along and they do something that kills you inside. You feel the need to get revenge on them, but you don't know how.. here's how in 9 easy steps.

Step 1: Go To your Friend's Significant Other's House and Upset Their Parents

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To start your revenge plan, go to your friend's significant other's parent's home and tell them that their son/daughter is with your friend and that your friend is a bad person and they're getting really serious and how they may even have gotten married without telling the parents. Get them involved and worried about their son/daughter that they will go look for him/her and possibly even go to the highest power in the city to tell them about it.

Step 2: Convince Your Friend You're Loyal and Honest

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Go to your friend and talk to them about how loyal and honest you've been to them and how they can trust you with anything. In a sense, talk yourself up to make your friend believe you with anything they say or do and they can believe you with anything you say or do.

Step 3: get your friend's right hand man drunk and unable to do his/her job

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Get the right hand man drunk by continuously buying him/her drinks. If they refuse to drink because they know they have responsibilities to do or they just don't like drinking try persuading them by saying stuff like "it's just one drink" or "only one more, you'll be fine" until they are drunk.

Step 4: get somebody to fight with the right hand man

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When the right hand man is drunk find some person nearby that would be willing to pick a fight with them, i suggest somebody who will do anything you say, somebody who has some kind of a grudge against the right hand man, or maybe another drunk person who will be stupid enough to fight.

Step 5: get your friend to fire right hand man and hire you

Go talk to your friend about his/her right hand man and let them talk to you about it. Once they are done they'll think of you and hire you as their new right hand man because they trust you and think you're very loyal.

Step 6: get right hand man to go to your friend's significant other to ask for help to get his/her job back

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Since your friend's right hand man was just fired and he/she really wants his/her job back, tell him/her to go to your friend's significant other and get him/her to talk to your friend and try to persuade him/her to re-hire the right hand man.

Step 7: tell your friend they're flirting

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Go to your friend and tell them about how you saw his/her right hand man flirt with his/her significant other. Because your friend trusts you with anything and everything. they'll believe you without question.

Step 8: get right hand man possession of a special gift to significant other from your friend

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Find a person who is close with you, but also close to the significant other and get that person to get ahold of a special gift from your friend to his/her significant other. Then take that gift and plant it on the right hand man. And go tell your friend that you saw his right hand man with that gift.

Step 9: get your friend really jealous

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Tell your friend that his/her significant other has been flirting with this other person. Also, that you caught him/her with a special gift your friend gave his/her significant other. And make up a story about how the right hand man has been dreaming about your friend's significant other. Do all you can to make your friend jealous.

You do the rest!

I have taken you 9 steps into this revenge plan, the outcome should go as planned. Now that you have everyone wrapped around your fingers, you finish this plan. Do now what you feel your friend deserves. Good luck.