the short second life of breetanner

an eclipse novel

Will Bree Tanner live to see the end of the world with Diego? Or will she die in her life as a vampire?


  • "Let's be ninjas" -Diego
  • "No problem, unless you count holding my breath all day as a negative."
  • "Be nice to him please," I thought at the readheaded mind reader."


16 year old Bree Tanner is a vampire. She ran away from her home, and got bit by Victoria who is the creator of all the people in the coven. She changed on March 11, 2006. All of the vampires have different kinds of supernatural powers. Diego and her become very good friends while hiding from the sunlight, and are now the super ninja club. But do they actually need to hide from the sunlight? Do wooden stakes really kill them?

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About the book

  • 178 pages long
  • good for people who like teen romance
  • ages 12+
  • Publisher: Little, Brown And Company