By Elizabeth MacLeod Book Report by Madison Marsh

The Koala World:)

Koalas are an adorable animal that have lots of cool things about them. Koalas only eat eucalyptus leaves that grow in only certain trees. Koala's rarely drink water because all the water they get is in the leaves. Koalas don't just have one home, Koalas go to several different trees each night. Australia is the only place now where you can find koalas. Koalas live in the East Coast of Australia. Another cool thing about them is that the Koala's hand has two thumbs but also three other fingers, and their back hand is just like a human hand. When koalas have babies the male leaves right after the baby is born. Mating season is spring and summer so their spring and summer would be September- February. When a baby koala is born it is all pink, deaf and blind. But over the next few weeks koalas eyesight and hearing will come, and their fur will grow. A mother koalas pouch opening is faced down. This is because baby koalas eat their mothers pre digested food. So a downward facing pouch is perfect for the baby koala to get its food. I've learned alot about koalas, and now their one of my favorite animals! :) Koalas are an amazing animal and people cut down their trees, and that's where they live. So come help the koalas because they make our world a better place!:)

A baby: This picture connects with koalas because people say at night they can hear koalas crying. Koalas sound a lot like babies crying, so people make mistake their cries for babies at night.