Brief intro of Anne Frank

by Ashley Wang

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It all started on her 13th birthday when she was given a book and a pen.

Anne started to write the diary which was comparable or greater to Samuel Pepys' by influence.

We, at least a lot of us, know that. How did her diary differ from the other holocaust survivors' accounts?

With the gradual oppression and exploit of Jews, Anne's family, along with another, started to go into hiding as their immigration to America was obstructed by the Nazi regime. Her diary contains the thoughts and feelings of a girl who was confined in a small compartment with seven other people and is constantly in fear of being discovered. She was experiencing a cruel reality, in which her family, her safety, her freedom, her free will and all her possessions might distinguish at any time. For those who have experienced this extreme instability, they would definitely be able to sympathize. To describe this sensation in context - each night they slept on their beds may be the last time that they will ever sleep on a proper bed and each time they have food it may be the last thing that entered their stomach before they were exploited.
However, the situation of Anne may have contributed to her maturity but it does not mean that children unless their lives are in danger, will not become mature.

Dear humanity, don't try this in society again unless the participants are under liberal thinking people's supervision.