Field Day


2014 Darby Creek Field Day Reminders

Field day is Friday, May 23rd from around 9:05–2:53 with lunch from 11:29-12:29. This is to be a reminder flier as well as an informative one concerning the event.


- Anyone helping set up “THURSDAY” please meet around at the back doors to the gym. (We will begin moving

stations to the fields around 6:30 and probably be done around 8:00 Rain or Shine!)

- Friday morning / all day volunteers should meet in the front of the school (White Tent) to sign in around 8:30.

- Afternoon volunteers check in around 12:00. Feel free to park in the grass field across from the school.

- IMPORTANT: To keep the activities safe and running well, ALL volunteers will be assigned to events located

at different areas throughout the property. I am asking that the teachers move their class from station to


- If you have signed up to help with 8:00pm clean up on May 23rd, come to the gym doors at the back of the


Dress (What to wear)

- Be sure to have a bathing suit on under your clothes on Field Day (if desired).

- Dress in play clothes that you do not mind getting dirty in.

- A towel might be a good item to bring (Place your name on it somewhere).

- A t-shirt, shorts, socks are recommended with tennis shoes (required).

- Tennis shoes are required for participation. Please no crocks, sandals, flip flops etc…

- Hats are OK but it is your child’s responsibility to keep track of it.

- Sunscreen is also highly recommended to be put on prior to coming to school.

- Pack an extra set of clothes in your book bag just in case we end up canceling Field Day mid day due to

uncooperative weather.


- Keep in mind the safety of all when it comes to weather.

- A little rain will not cancel field day. (Wear and bring weather appropriate clothing.)

- Lightning will cause us to go inside of the building for a rain delay. (Conditions will be assessed and a decision

will be made 20 minutes after the last sight of lightning.

- A constant driving rain shower could also cancel the field day festivities.


- Kindergarten students will be at school for their normal ½ day.

- All other students need to bring a sack lunch with a drink. (The cafeteria will not be open on Field Day Friday.)

- Bring a water bottle to refill throughout the day with your name on it.

- Dress appropriately and comfortably.

- Be responsible for anything that you bring. (Hat, sunscreen, towel, etc…)

- Get a good night’s rest.

- Be ready for action on Friday!

Other information

- Childcare will not be provided for children not attending Darby Creek. (Please make necessary babysitting


- Older school children and children not attending Darby Creek will not be permitted to volunteer on field day.

- Prepare for the weather!

- Field Day at Darby Creek is intended ONLY for students who currently attend the school.

Thank you for supporting 2014 Darby Creek Field day!