St. André Bessette Catholic School

April 6-9, 2021

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SAB families are welcome to sign up for Easter Triduum which will be posted at 8am the morning of the service, with the exception of Easter Sunday. The Sunday masses will be posted on Saturday morning at 8am.

*No walk-ins will be permitted at any of the services.

All Holy Week Services will be available through livestream.

April 1, Holy Thursday Mass at 7pm,

April 2, Stations of the Cross, Good Friday, 10 am

April 2, Good Friday Service at 3pm,

April 3, Easter Vigil at 9pm

April 4, Easter Sunday at 10 am

Sunday Livestream Masses will continue at 10:00 am on Facebook

Pre-Registration for Sunday Masses in effect SIGN UP HERE

Holy Week in Three Minutes


April 6

  • Students return to in-person learning

April 9

  • 10:45am Easter Mass for our SAB students - live on SAB Facebook - join us!

April 14


April 15

  • Exam Break Day #1
  • Cooking Internship Info session - see the poster at the bottom of the Smore

April 16

  • PD Day for Staff - No School for Students

April 19

  • Exam Break Day #2

April 20

  • Exam Break Day #3

April 27

  • Communication and Information Technology Info session - see the poster at the bottom of the Smore
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Join us on Friday, April 9 at 10:45am on our SAB Facebook page for our Easter Mass live from our St Andre Bessette school chapel. We are thrilled to have Fr Kris come and help us celebrate this special mass for the St John Paul II and St Andre Bessette communities. We look forward to celebrating with you!

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Thank you for joining us at Ms. Labrecque's Scholarship Sessions held on Wednesday, March 24. We know many of you found the tips and suggestions really helpful especially as you plan ahead for the grade twelve year. If you missed them it's okay. She will repeat this session again in April and we will direct you in the meantime to her website below. If you have questions regarding courses and planning for your future please email Ms. Labrecque at

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Course Selections for Next Year

Thank you Cardinals for your patience as we asked for your help in the final week before Spring Break to complete the second step of the registration process! All of your course selections will be uploaded in the coming weeks once we are sure we have supported any students who might have been absent. From here students may be contacted to clarify requests they have made. Adjustments may follow and this can include parent conversations as well. Then the real work happens as the admin team creates teacher schedules based on the requested courses. This process goes through many revisions until we find a model that works. Our goal is to have our student timetables created and ready to view by the end of June.
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Parents: Staying Informed During the Quarter System

A few parents have asked how to access info about their child’s google class and how to access current grades. Please review the following info and if you require more support please do not hesitate to reach out to us in the office.

Google Classroom:

1) If you wish to be invited to receive notifications about the schoolwork posted in your child's Google Classroom please email their teacher and request to be added as a guardian.

2) Shortly thereafter you will receive an email to confirm this step. Going forward you should receive an email summary of your student's work, which contains information about missing work, upcoming work, and class activity. You will only have access to your child's work. You can unsubscribe at any time.


If you wish to learn more about the assessments that your child has submitted to their teacher this quarter please do the following:

St. André Bessette Open House Video - With Virtual Tour


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Ms. Warchol, Foods Teacher & Chaplain

Ms. Warchol is our Foods teacher and Chaplain at SAB. She loves to being active, eating healthy and sharing her faith journey. She is a whiz at finding new cultural food recipes that give kids a chance to be creative. When you take her class you get to hear stories about her dog Jack and the trouble he gets into. She loves to travel, exercise and laugh. She is the expert behind our school celebrations and liturgies. Being a part of a faith filled community is her favorite place to be. When she is not in her foods class, you can find her in her chaplain office in Student Services. Please reach out to her @
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Mrs Sutton, Librarian Technician

Mrs. Sutton is our SAB Library Tech and she LOVES her books. She can tell you where every book, teaching resource, textbook, board game and movie are found without checking the computer! She also is a bit of a tech whiz and likes to trouble shoot with students when they have computer glitches. You can find her every Monday to Wednesday in our bright, plant filled SAB Learning Commons. You can reach her @
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Mrs Cathy Mykitiuk, E-Learning Campus Support

We are fortunate to have Mrs. Mykitiuk support our students in our SAB Learning Commons Wednesday to Friday's this year. She directly supports students who are taking an online course while they attend in-person learning. That said, she LOVES to be busy so if ever you are stuck with a school question, need an editor or maybe someone to help you understand the directions in your assignment - seek her out! Mrs. Mykitiuk has never met a math problem she couldn't solve :) You can reach by email @
Students: Work for EICS this Summer

Click here to learn how you can earn cash working for the school division this summer

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Do you or someone you know like to garden? Please consider purchasing fertilizer for your lawn and garden from our OLA Parish - the time to place your orders is NOW!!!! Proceeds help support our SAB Chapel furnishings.

Our Lady Of The Angels Catholic Parish Knights of Columbus are offering up an online sale.

The K of C group is selling quality 15 kgs NUTRIEN fertilizer bags for $28 each.


Contact: Gerald Poitras (780)265-5260 or

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RAP Placement Info for Employers

Know an employer who might be able to accommodate at RAP student next year?

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GrACE Summit - Parents You Can Join for FREE!

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OLA Parish News

Fr Kris, Fr Daniel and the OLA parish team offer many ways to stay connected to our local parish. To learn more about what is happening at Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Parish please click on the following link: or please take a look at the many options below.

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