By George Aloia


Amendment 1 gives you freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, freedom of religion, freedom of press, and right to petition.

Why We Have It!

They put amendment 1 in our constitution because we need to hear people's ideas for better society or else our society would never advance. Also people need to have the right of press so we can get informed of what is happening in the world. If you could not have the right to religion then people would be discriminating against people just because they are different and the people do not want that because they are already trying to get rid of slavery.

Freedom of Speech

The people felt the need to give this right on paper because of the monarchs in Great Britain. The Kings in the past did not let the citizens speak or share ideas and opinions. The founding fathers did not want this to happen again. People in modern times are debating over if freedom of speech should also cover the internet.

Freedom to Assembly

Freedom of Assembly allows yo to make meetings for a special group. They made it this way because in the past when they were trying to make rebellion against Britain they were not allowed to meet they had to meet in secret. The supreme court made it so that the government can't stop an assembly as long as they are following three things: They can't be violent, they have to be neutral, and they can't be in public streets.

Freedom of Religion

They thought that you should have the right to what ever religion you want. They thought this because it would just be another form of slavery or discrimination of people, when they were already trying to get rid of slavery. There was a rumor that the ACLU was filing a lawsuit to have cross shaped tombstones removed. I personally do not think this is right because that's taking away the right to express religion.

Right to Press

The people have a right to know what's happening so they are allowed to right it. They made it this way is because King George would not let people be informed of what was happening in the rebellion.

Right to Petition

The people thought they needed to say the right to petition because of how King George wouldn't let people say they don't like what he's doing and that its unfair and he should change it.


Amendment 2 gives citizens the right to bear arms. This means that they are permitted to have possession of a gun.


People should have the right to bear arms for protection. The reason it states that you can in the constitution is because during revolutionary times King George would not let citizens carry guns so they had to hide them in farms.

Issues Today and My Opinion

Now a days there are issues with guns. There have been many shootings and because of this they want to change gun law. The government wants to make it so there can only be handguns in citizens possession. I personally think that citizens should be able to have any gun that is not an assault rifle or automatic.