Our Trip To Fort Delaware

May 29th 2015

How School Was Like In The 1800's

We are learning how school was like in the 1800's.We learned the seven subjects the teachers taught,and we learned who the teachers taught at Fort Delaware.The teachers at Fort Delaware taught the Army,the generals children,and the Blacksmith.The boys would sit up front,and the girls would sit back.The teacher would have to wear the same dress everyday when they teach .
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Jails In The 1800's

We also learned how the the jails in the 1800's looked like.This is one jail house,sometimes the people at Fort Delaware would try to fit 100 to 200 people in one of those jail houses.There used to be 52 of those houses,but now there is only 1 left.
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My Favorite Part

My favorite part about the trip to Fort Delaware was when we learned about how school was like in the 1800's,and when we got on the ferry to get to Fort Delaware.