Pennsylvania is a beautiful place to visit.You will learn about fun facts and resources and landforms .I hope you go to Pennsylvania and see all the things we talked about.

state facts

Pennsylvania has many awesome facts such as a state person ,a state animal and a state flower. This amazing state is home to Betsy Ross. Did you know Betsy Ross sewed the u.s flag.The state Animal is a white-tailed deer.Newborn deer are born with white spots on their fur.The state flower is a mountain laurel it became the state flower in 1933.The state animal and state tree is a few facts from Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania has some resources such as coal and apples,Coal is a Non-renewable found in Pennsylvania.Apples is a crop that get,s planted in Pennsylvania.some apples and coal can be found in Pennsylvanian.


Pennsylvania has many landforms.Some are the Allegheny Mountain and the Delaware River.The Allegheny Mountains are in the west.The Delaware River is a natural border between New York and Pennsylvanian and other state.


Pennsylvania is a amazing place to visit.I told you about some fun facts resources and landforms.I hope you visit Pennsylvania and learn some things I did not show you.