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2020-2021 YEAR IN REVIEW

Congratulations to all the students and alumni who applied for scholarships and fellowships despite the uncertainties of this year!

A few highlights:

  • For the first time, three Temple students have won the Boren Scholarship in one cycle. Congratulations to Thomas Hernandez from Klein, Veronika Vologina from CLA, and Ian Richardson from CLA.

  • We also had our first Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) recipient from Temple University Japan, Alexander Litz, who will be studying Chinese over the summer. Alex was previously Temple Japan's first Boren recipient in 2018. Alex joins PhD candidate Coral Zayas-Colon (Portuguese) and Global Studies/Econ major Veronika Vologina (Turkish) as our other two CLS recipients for summer 2021.

Be sure to check out our list of graduate school plans at the end of the newsletter. Many students cite how applying for fellowships as an undergraduate helps them to articulate their trajectory and motivations better when they apply for graduate school, and this group of Temple students and alumni seems to make the case!

Questions? Contact Barbara Gorka, barbara.gorka@temple.edu in Fellowships Advising.


Congratulations to our Scholars, Alternates, and Honorable Mentions from the 2020-2021 Application Cycle!

Goldwater Scholarship

  • Leo Battalora, Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering '21


  • Amanda Summers, CLA PhD candidate, Research Fulbright to Spain
  • Robin Truit, CLA '20, English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) to Taiwan (declined award)
  • Maria Flanagan, Education '20 English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) to Taiwan
  • Cooper O'Brien, Tyler '22, Fulbright Arts for Israel (declined award)
  • Jessica Bond, Klein '20, Fulbright Study Grant to the UK
  • Hal Conte, Klein '20, Fulbright Study Grant to the UK
  • Kristi Bezhani, CLA '18, Alternate for ETA in Germany
  • Serina Griffin, CLA '21, Alternate for ETA in Malta
  • Esmeralda Hajdinaj, CLA '17, Alternate for ETA in Kosovo
  • Amanda Morrison, CLA '19, Alternate for ETA in The Netherlands
  • Collin Murray, Boyer '22, Alternate for Fulbright Research in France
  • Chelsea West, Klein '12, Alternate for ETA in Italy

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

  • Alexander Voisine, CLA '17, previous Fulbright Recipient to Mexico (declined Gates)

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program:

  • Leah Church, Psychology, CLA '19
  • Nate Greenwood, Chemistry, CST '19
  • Kiana Burton, Physics, CST '21, Honorable Mention
  • Anne Knorr, Psychology, CLA '12, Honorable Mention
  • Rebecca Campbell, Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering '26, Honorable Mention
  • Matthew Mattoni, Psychology, CLA '27, Honorable Mention

Critical Language Scholarship (CLS):

  • Veronica Vologina, CLA '22 for Turkish
  • Coral Zayas-Colón, CLA '25, for Portuguese
  • Alexander Litz, Temple Japan, '21 for Chinese
  • Ivy Zhong, CLA '21, Alternate for Korean

Udall Scholarship

  • Kristen Rice, Klein '22, Honorable Mention

Boren Scholarship:

  • Thomas Hernandez, Klein '22, for Indonesian in Indonesia
  • Ian Richardson, CLA '23, for French in Senegal
  • Veronika Vologina, CLA '22, for Turkish in Azerbaijan (declined the award)

Erasmus Mundus LAGLOBE Master's Scholarship

  • Patricia Fernandez, Global Studies and Spanish, CLA '21

Public Policy and International Affairs Junior Summer Institute

  • Joshua Chun, History and Political Science, CLA '22

Leadership Alliance Summer Research Early Identification Program

  • Christian Manalac, History and Political Science, CLA '22

If you would like to learn more about these opportunities or get in touch with our past recipients, send us an email at feladv@temple.edu.

Graduate School Admissions for 2021-2022

Here are a few Fellowship Advising advisees past and present, and the great universities they will be attending in 2021-2022. Congratulations on your success!

  • Paige Hill, CLA '18 (Political Science), Stanford University for a PhD
  • Lasse Grimmer, Education '21 (Adult & Organizational Develop), Cambridge University, England, for a Master's in Education

  • Sona George, CLA '20 (Philosophy and Political Science), George Washington University Law School

  • Kacie Hoagland, CLA '17 (English, Spanish), former Fulbright ETA in Spain, Temple University for a PhD

  • Gregory Van Buskirk, CLA '19 (History), University of Limerick, Ireland, for a Master's

  • Steve Hamilton, CLA '20 (Economics), Vanderbilt University for a PhD

Interested in applying for Fulbright or NSF-GRFP in the next cycle? Meet with Fellowships Advising now!

If you are interested in applying for any of the big national awards (like the Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Fulbright, NSF GRFP) in the next cycle and haven't met with Fellowships Advising yet, schedule an appointment through Handshake. Several of these fellowships have campus deadlines that are quickly approaching. Our office works through the summer and it's the perfect time to meet.

Scholar Development and Fellowships Advising

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