The New World is calling

By: Esther Reyes

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Come to the colonys

If you love adventure and travel you should move to one of the colony's: Southern, middle, and the New England all of them have great jobs like: a Merchant, trader, sailor, tinsmith, watchmaker, silversmith, and a dockworker. All colony's work with the sea so, we have lots of water and other raw materials that we trade with England! But don't only read this, read the bottom to get more information!

The Conlony's

New England for the Religious

If you choose New England you better enjoy cold weather because it shall get cold in the winter and fall months, But do not worry it does not get below freezing! The settlements include Plymouth, and the Massachusetts Bay Colony both are peaceful for religion, have school's, and the lots of natives. We have rocky soil so if you want to be a farmer I would not pick this colony, and The Atlantic Coast. Some Jobs you could do: Farmer (Not Recommended), Merchant, Trader, hunter, and cutting timber. In this colony we make and trade: Ships, furs, lamp oil, candles,and Perfume. Church leader's have town meetings and decide on things in the church. Remember the church decides so your work is limited in deciding things. We are one of the only colony's that have schools. So if you like Religion and the cold move to the New England Colony's!

Middle Colony for the farmer

New Netherland our main settlement has a fairly warm climate that has rich soil perfect for farming and rivers for mills to grind flour. The jobs you could do that are popular: Farmer, trader, rancher, and a miller. Are natural resources are: Cattle, timber, Iron, furs, and wheat. The Middle Colony has many different religion's in the area so pretty much any religion is aloud inside, also we are very peaceful and do not believe in war. Also we trade wheat and ships with other places. So come to the Middle Colony any time! ships are leaving soon.

Southern Colony for the warm lover

The Southern Colony has these settlements: Roanoke and Jamestown have the warmest climate, rich soil, swamps, and a flat area. Food may be less than expected but there is always enough to go around. Tobacco and rice are our main crops that we grow on farm's we trade also with those crops or sell for money. The main jobs are: Farmer and trader. and a plantation owner. If you have slaves come to the southern Colony is right for you. We strongly believe in the Catholic Church and self rule. And also, Roanoke has few people there so move any time. They also have a strong relationship with the natives so they are very friendly.