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Clutched the microphone

Without stopping, he looks over to one side and sees her body wrapped in black plastic. And he digs faster. What are you doing, son? Nothing, Mama. But Mama knows he’s lying. He can tell from the look on her face, the way she bites her lower lip and tightens her brow and glares at him through half-squinted eyes. Of course imobiliare bucuresti she knows when he’s lying.

She always knows. Hey Boone, Jimmy says. I came by your house last night.You weren’t home. Were you out with Karen again? Yeah, we imobiliare bucuresti were out, says Boone. Jimmy smiles. Walt Slone’s got somethin’ he wants us to do, he says. Will he pay? asks Boone. You know Walt Slone will pay, says Jimmy. Walt Slone always pays. He runs everything. He’s got the money. How much for this job? Two thousand.

Two thousand? That’s real money. What’s he want? Get your pistol and we can talk about it in the truck, says Jimmy. Boone’s heart sinks. He could use the money, but not that badly. He doubted he would ever imobiliare bucuresti need Walt Slone’s dirty money that badly. Then again, two thousand dollars was a lot of money for an eighteen-year-old.

A guy could do a lot with two thousand dollars. And besides, it was just this one thing, then they could get the hell out and never have to worry about Walt Slone or his gang again. Just this one thing. Just this one thing. How bad could it be? Two thousand dollars is a lot of money. A man could do a lot imobiliare bucuresti with two thousand dollars.

And it’s just this one thing. What are you doing son? Nothing, Mama. They stand at the edge of the woods, the woods behind the big house on top of the hill. Quietly they stare at a black marble slab. Etched in the slab are words that they read over and over and over: Wife. Mother. Friend. Ellen Slone. Do you remember her very much? says imobiliare bucuresti Samantha. Sure I do, says Boone. She was so nice, and pretty, too. You look a lot like her.

I wish she was still alive when I was born, says Samantha. I wish I never dug in the dirt, says Boone. Boone wonders what his father might have said to him in imobiliare bucuresti that moment. You and your brother gotta watch out for each other now, you hear? Keep your family close as you can, Boone. Close as you can, you hear? Walt leans out the window of his truck. He motions for Boone to come over. Boone looks back at Jimmy one more time, then steps forward.
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