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About Me

You can call me Meghan, Meegan, Mallory, or Meggy. (See video below to understand why members of my cohort call me "Meegan"). I get them all. Sometimes, even M&M. I'm from Clemson, South Carolina, which I loved but am happy to be away from a small town! Love living in Charleston and being in the MAT program here at CofC!

Why I Want to be a Teacher

I used to read to my dolls, barbies, and stuffed animals in my room. I had to hold the book between my pinky and thumb like the teacher did. Of course, throughout high school and some of college I was too distracted being the class comedian and social butterfly to get serious about school. Eventually, I took a semester off and worked full time at a daycare, was a nanny, and quickly re-ignited my love of children. I'm now a GA at ECDC, and find myself laughing and loving work everyday. I am inspired by the amazing group of experienced, insanely talented people in the Education Department here at Cofc and ECDC. My mom is also in Education and inspires me to "be the change" :) She gives me great advise and encouragement and supports me in my passion for kids and teaching!


I am the daughter of two professors at Clemson University - my dad is in Computer Science and my mom is in Elementary Education. When either of them do something silly, like when my mom calls her phone to find it (which is right beside them) we joke and say "and she has a Phd." :) They are both from Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh area and Latrobe. We moved to Clemson when I was 3 months old. My older brother I have always known as insanely, insanely smart - to the point where he would mess with his teachers in middle school by doing correct work and putting the wrong answers to see if they would check it. He can scan a textbook and 20 minutes and seem to understand it as if he wrote it. He is also in Computer Science, and is currently getting his Phd at UNC. My younger brother is the sweetest most polite person you could meet. He had a coarctation of the aeorta in the first month of his birth, which created some complications, and he does have significant learning disabilities that stemmed from these complications. He had a really tough time in school. He was bullied, made to read in front of the class when he couldn't and terribly insensitive teachers who did not care to look into his situation or understand anything other than "if he paid attention he would do better." My parents pulled him out in 4th grade. Connor inspires me to be the best teacher I can be for him and for all students, who should never have to go through what he went through no matter what they bring to the classroom. That's my long, drawn out blurb about my family!
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