Hurricane katrina

lasted AUG 23-29 2005.

the worst hurricane that ever hit american shores, it started AUG 29 2005-AUG 23 2005.killed over 400 was verry un expected. the reason that it killed so many people.was that the weather news spoke of it but did not speak of when.

The Starting

The winds were up to 138 mph on the started as tropicle storm katrina.Then it hit the Carabeans, it was a stronger storm but not a hurricane yet.Then it passed to Cuba then hit the edge of Calaforna and it tuned to a hurricane in the gulf. And hit New Orleans.

the treacherous storm contenues

You where on your couch watching tv in louisiana and suddenly the electricity goes out. the storm was now called hurricane katrina. winds hit shore at 138 mph!!!!ripping houses apart it ripped through the edge and went up. it was tragic people lost their homes.!.! $70 of damage so far.

The never ending storm

In louisiana it tore through the middle.the following cities were hit in louisiana alexandria,pineville ect. it tore through and made a massive flood in some parts.130 mph now going down but not a massive floods flood 20% of it is on to colorado.

how people are cleaning up to day

the storm ended the 4th hour of the storm.we are still rebuilding houses that the storm destroyed.still remembering the people that died.and are still sponsoring people that were affected by it for more info go to

Hurricane Katrina Historic Storm Surge Video - Gulfport, Mississippi