Bungalow House Style

Jackson Bodinson

History of the Bungalow

The Bungalow was originated in India, namely bengal. The Bungalow house found its way to England and after World War I it finally ended up in Southern California. The Bungalow became popular because it met the needs of the lower class so they could move out of their apartments into private homes for a great price. Before the war the Bungalow could be built for as little as 900$ but rose to 3,500 after the war and didn't take long to build. At one point in time the Bungalow was so popular there was something called the "Bungalow Belt" of homes built in the 1920's.
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This single story, 3 bedroom 2 bath Bungalow home includes an open floor plan . The front porch opens to the great room with an island kitchen; bedrooms to the right. The family entry is from the garage at the rear, through the mudroom. Building this house would approximately cost $473,250.
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- Clapboard was the most common siding, followed by cedar shingle, with the wood usually stained a natural shade of brown

-Stone, brick, or concrete block, molded into a decorative form, were also used.

-stucco walls and clay-tile roofs

- exterior usually suggested warmth and informality